Shadow Child (fluffy/angst)

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Sorry for not updating for a while, I have been super busy with exams and revising. This will probably be the only chapter until the eleventh of June, that's when my exams finish. I might wind up taking a small break when I go to see my dad as well. Mad case of writers block has hit me but I have a new story in progress that might help give me ideas. IMPORTANT: You guys can choose which chapters I do from polls on my Instagram (crazy_otaku_demigod_wattpad). Thank you for being so patient guys, enjoy xxx


(y/n) pov

"Number Eight, pay attention!" Father yelled, I sighed, he was always angry at me, unless he was angry at Vanya. The difference between the two of us, I had abilities, abilities the others were afraid of. Everyone except Five. In fact Five and I had been together for about three months. Of course, we couldn't tell the family. Especially father. I always knew he hated me, probably not as much as other people, but I was close to the top of his list.

"Number Eight," He said sternly, in many ways, him not yelling is much scarier, "If you cannot control your powers by the end of the day, you go to The Chamber." He warned. I shuddered, I couldn't spend another night in The Chamber. My siblings had never been there before, I hope for their sake they never had to.

I concentrated hard, channelling my magic into my hands, watching the red shimmer glisten between my fingers. My magic swirled around my hands and began to move around my body. I could feel it pulsing through my veins, my blood burning at the unknown intrusion. I screamed out, father flinched at the sound. The scream was definitely not my own, the sound was shrill and high-pitched, no wonder father called me demon. 

Father knew it was only a matter of time before my siblings rushed in to see what the commotion was. Five being the one he was most worried about seeing this. Whilst he had seemingly no clue of our relationship, everybody knew that we cared deeply for one another. At that moment, footsteps came crashing downstairs to the training room, the pain was becoming unbearable. 

The doors were thrown open, none of my brothers or sisters had seen my powers, they had developed theirs when they were much younger. They were on missions, leaving father and I alone, those were always bad days. The endless pain soon lessened when I felt arms wrap around me. "Five what are you doing?" Allison asked, "Don't touch her, she would probably give you some kind of illness," Luther snickered after her. 

I sighed in relief. It was Five, he gently stroked my hair and muttered sweet words in my ear. The pounding of rushing blood in my ears was dimmed by the words, my muscles relaxing, the screaming that echoed in my head calmed to a whisper. I felt hands cup my cheeks as Five wiped the tears that I hadn't realised were trickling down my face. 

"I think today's session is over," Five stated venomously towards father. Father looked at the two of us sternly, causing me to bury my face into Five's chest. I could feel father's beady eyes burning into the back of my skull. Even though I was grateful for Five's help, I needed to learn how to control my powers.

I lifted my head from Five's chest and stood up, "No, Five I want to keep going," I spoke confidently, trying my best to stop my voice from wavering. Five looked up at me like I was crazy. I stared lovingly down at him, silently asking for him to trust me. He nodded and moved to the side. I glanced at father and he also nodded, staring me down.

"Number Eight, concentrate on your power, move it from one side of the room to the other, keeping it away from life forms." I had noticed that he knew more about my own power than I did, always wanting to keep clear of my powers and watch the others closely, making sure they steered clear of my abilities also. 

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