Healing (fluff)

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First chapter, I'm gonna try and update every couple of days but if I want to keep doing this I need requests but I only do x readers


Five pov

I've only been in this wasteland for a few weeks, I don't even know where I am, or where I am used to be I guess. I haven't seen anybody, except the remains of my home and the bodies of my family. I still have nightmares about that. I shuddered. 'When did it get so cold?'

I set up a fire for the night using some sticks and rubble from near by buildings. I sigh in relief. Sadly, heat was one of the things I took for granted in the past.

I felt myself begin to doze off, 'oh goodie another night of terror.' I thought before drifting off. Forgetting the warmth and the fire.

Timeskip a few hours later~

Ow, what the hell is that?

All I felt was blistering heat in my side, wondering what it was, I opened my eyes slowly. Widening when I realised. The fire!

I put the fire out and looked at my stomach. My abdomen was covered in what looked like second degree burns. As well as that, in my dilemma I had cut myself on what looked like old metal rods. 'If that doesn't get infected I'm still screwed' I thought.

I had blood pouring down my legs and the tingling sensation on my abdomen wouldn't leave. I looked around.

Fire, rubble, bodies, nothing. I could see as far as my eyes would let me, but I was hoping for something different.

I felt myself getting drowsy, only then awakening to the full horror of my situation. I sat down, ready for death or at least a coma.

I lay back and closed my eyes. Anything would be better than this hell.

All I could see was darkness and it was rather comforting. Then the nightmares came. I saw my siblings, Luther, bigger and stronger than he was when I left but just as scared as he was when I saw him in the remains of the academy.

Diego, the cocky little shit that only wanted to prove himself, reduced to just his knives and his competition with Luther. Sadly he couldn't wake up to do that again.

Allison, she had grown up to be just as beautiful as she wanted to be and probably just as popular. I wonder if she ever used her powers for that?

Klaus, what a goofball. I never thought I could miss his annoying personality this much, but I did. I wonder how his addiction is going. If he ever found someone to help him through.

I couldn't find Ben in the remains, or Vanya, but they were in my dream too.

They kept screaming, "Why!?"

I wanted to reply, ask them so many questions but I couldn't move. I couldn't speak.

I couldn't believe what they said next...

"You left us Five. You left us to die!"

'No!' I thought, 'I didn't mean to, I wanted to come back but I couldn't, I can't!'

I felt something wet on my face and I heard humming from the most beautiful voice I could've imagined. That was when I woke up.

(y/n) pov (before five sleeps)

I look around, nothing. Still. I've tried traveling as much as I could to find something. Anything. Anyone. No. I'm all alone.

I started to do what I usually do when I'm alone, sing.

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