Explanations: IMPORTANT

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Hey you guys, to be clear, I AM LITERALLY WORKING ON THE CHAPTER AS I TYPE THIS. However, I wanted to explain what has been happening recently. 

I got a message from my dad, saying that our family dog, Daisy, passed away due to a medical mishap. Obviously, I have been very upset and I have been in the middle of writing this chapter for nearly a week, after I heard about Daisy I kind of stopped working.

I am probably not as heart-broken as my dad and step-mum, they lived with her full time and on top of that, have had her for about seven years, or more.

I know this doesn't excuse my lack of writing, but I'm also working to get enrolled into college and next week I'm dogsitting. I'm sure that once I am in college, my routine will be back in order and I will be back to updating daily. Thank you so much for reading my book, it does mean so much to me.

Love you guys xxx

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