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Thank you guys once again for being so patient with me, my mum actually gave me this idea yesterday and I thought I would test it. All exams are now over, I can put more effort into this book as well as other ones that I have been thinking about. No school until September now, once again my Instagram is crazy_otaku_demigod_wattpad, you can vote on which chapters I do from there. Enjoy you guys xxx


Five pov

I gasped as I landed from the spatial jump. Where was I now, or more specifically, when? After landing myself in the apocalypse, I seemed to only be able to jump backwards, only for a certain period of time, before being thrown back to that wasteland. At least I could explore some new places, or old I guess. I gazed lazily at my surroundings, definitely nothing recent. No billboards or technology.

How far back was I? I looked down at myself compared to some of the children running around. I think the only issue with the clothing I was wearing, was the shorts. If I could find pants then I would probably attract less attention. I jumped into a near by clothing store and hid in the changing rooms, after grabbing a pair of pants from a rack close by. 

From the appearance of the store on the inside, I was in the Victorian Era. The women wearing long dresses and petticoats, the men wearing waist-coats and pocket watches. The fact they looked similar to dad was rather comforting. I honestly could've been anywhere in the world, last week it was Africa, the week before, Argentina. I could understand the language the people were speaking, confirming I was at least in a country that spoke English.

I sighed in relief and quickly changed, the pants were scratchy but fit well. I took a peak out of the changing room, which was more of a curtain really, the coast seemed clear enough, I left the room as well as the store. It was a brisk morning, drizzle coming down from the sky, making the ground slightly wet. I saw huddles of women trying to get to cover. Men were sauntering behind them, probably still a time where women were chaperoned everywhere. 

I saw a carriage close by and did the only thing I could think of. I had at least three or four days before I would be thrown back to the apocalypse. I needed a place to stay, the carriage seemed lavish and hopefully I was throwing myself in front of somebody who would be kind and take pity. I spatial jumped in front of the carriage and feigned a cry. 

The horses' reigns were immediately pulled by the man steering them, he clearly looked confused. The carriage slowed to a stop before the driver jumped down to check on me. His face appeared to be concerned, I smiled inwardly, thinking I had found someone considerate enough to take care of me for a while. He asked me where I came from and if I was okay. Of course, he assumed I had been hit by the carriage, or at least one of the horses.

I had made it seem as such. I had thrown a large rock at the carriage wheel with Diego-like precision, causing  a thud to sound as though someone had been hit. Fairly clever, if I do say so myself. The man helped me to my feet and looked me over, looking for scratches or broken bones. "Are you alright? Lady (y/n) will be so upset," The driver cried out. I nodded, stating that I was okay but I had lost my family in an accident.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going," I stated, trying my hardest to force tears into my eyes. I peered up at the man in front of me, hoping I seemed like a boy who had lost his family, which I was. "I had to leave my family because of an illness that they had, supposedly highly contagious," I whispered to him. 

The man looked shocked and I hoped to every deity that what I was making up was even slightly relevant to the time period I was in. "Fascinating," I heard a smooth feminine voice arise from the carriage. The voice itself was beautiful, I lifted my head to the door of the carriage, the driver turned as well, obviously worried about his boss, either for himself or to make sure she was okay.

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