Songbird (slight angst)

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There will be mentions of kidnap in this chapter and I will explain your abilities. I hope you enjoy this chapter, please make requests if you want a chapter dedicated to you. Enjoy xxxxx


Five's pov

The red mission light flashed in the hall and sirens were blaring, the old man and I were waiting for the rest of the family to join us. I guess being able to jump through space makes it easier to get ready on time.

The old man refused to brief me on the mission until the others got here. "How are the Umbrella Academy ever going to be an effective crime deterrent, if they can't even leave the house on time for missions!" He yelled storming into the hall. 'This was going to be a long day' I thought, sighing heavily.

Short timeskip~

Finally, the rest of my siblings came downstairs to the main room for the briefing. "Children, another child with special abilities has been located close by. She was taken away from her mother before I was able to find her. The woman who took her knew much about her abilities whereas I do not. I don't know what she is capable of and I expect you to approach the issue with caution." The old man was completely serious and I could understand that, but I was angry that he could only see the poor girl as an 'issue'.

The rest of them seemed pumped up and ready to go, but I had one question, "What does she look like?" I asked in a bored tone. Why did nobody else think of that? How were we going to find the girl, if we didn't know what she looked like?

The rest of my siblings looked at me as if I were the one who was dumb. Allison looked at me dubiously," Who cares what she looks like?" She asked, annoyed that she couldn't go see her 'adoring' public yet.

"Okay, why don't you explain how we find her, if we don't know what she looks like. I think, you listen to me because I'm the only sibling with common sense." I said venomously. I hate when my siblings just think of our missions as ways to increase their popularity. Except Ben, I just felt sorry for Ben.

The old man looked over at me, he looked impressed that I had asked a logical question. Maybe it was a surprised look. He gave me the case file he was reading from, there were pictures of the location, a beautiful house surrounded by trees, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. There was also a picture of the woman who had custody of the girl. She was middle aged and looked rough. Her red hair was stringy and her eyes were sagged and blood shot. Definitely drug and alcahol abuse.

Then there was the girl herself.
Name: (y/n) (l/n).
Age: Thirteen.
Parents: Father (non-existent), mother, (m/n) (l/n) (deceased/murdered)

Holy shit this girl was gorgeous. She had (h/l), (h/c) hair that went perfectly with her (e/c) eyes. Her skin was smooth and (s/t) but it was dulled and her eyes were dim and unhappy, despite the obviously fake smile on her face.

Now I really wanted to find her. Luther reached over to grab the file, I didn't know I would regret it but I let him take it. Luther seemed interested more on the mission than the girl, then again the thing with Allison was still very prominent.

The issue was that Diego, Klaus and Ben were behind him and could also see the file. Diego let out a low whistle, "Damn, she's hot." He said loudly, that made me absolutely furious. I mentally shook my head, I can't get attached to a girl I haven't even met yet.

Klaus had a similar yet very different opinion stating that she had very good fashion sense and that her legs looked great in those jeans. I wasn't really worried about Ben, he just blushed and muttered, "She looks pretty and nice." Yeah he wouldn't try anything bad.

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