Tumblr and POLL (please read)

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YOU GUYS! I now have a Tumblr account (jasmine2042003) I have just written a Soulmate AU for Nico di Angelo. Once again, all of my chapters are 'x reader' and I would love you guys to check out my Tumblr. I'm not forcing you to! If you do, feel free to have a look at my one shots on there. I have also reached over 50,000 reads! In celebration, I am going to do a face reveal and maybe a Q and A, if you guys ask me enough questions. 

I am hoping to pick up a good idea for a Halloween chapter for Five. Let me know if that's something you guys are interested in, I am trying to figure out where I would be able to do a poll for you guys, if you guys know a good way of doing that, tell me. But for now:

Please comment on the option you guys want and please post any questions about me you want to know:

1) Scary Chapter (first and only time angst) will most likely have a happy ending. 

2) Cute couples costume chapter, obviously going to have a happy ending.

3) Offer you own requests.


Thanks you guys. Even though I am writing on other sites, this book will probably always be my favourite! Love you guys xxx

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