Soulmate Tattoo (AU)

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This soulmate AU is based on a lot of different prompts that I have found, but I wanted to make this one a little different and a bit more funny. I know this isn't what you asked for, but this chapter is dedicated to smolsquishbeeb0. Thanks for being patient with me about updates, enjoy the chapter xxx


(y/n) pov

Okay, so I understand that soulmate tattoos are supposed to be difficult to understand and stupidly philosophical, but mine was just stupid. Stupid and sort of scary. "So you're the hostage or whatever?" How terrifying was that?! I was constantly frightened of being taken hostage, but then I thought it through. Surely the only people who would be asked to talk to hostages would be police officers, you have to be at least eighteen to become a police officer. Meaning I have some time, at the ripe young age of thirteen, to go around being a kid without fear for a while. "(y/n), are you listening to me?" I shook myself out of my reverie and looked over to my best friend. "Sorry (b/f/n), I was just thinking, what were you saying?" I asked. 

(b/f/n) huffed at me and repeated, "I was just saying we should go to the mall, they just opened a new restaurant and a few shops," That sounded cool, I nodded along and we headed off to the mall. I shouldn't be frightened about going to the mall, right? The walk wasn't massively long, only about five minutes, we spent the next few hours, walking around and buying random stuff, window shopping, a lot of snacking, normal girl stuff. (b/f/n) had already found her soulmate, it was the most awkward thing I had ever seen. We were at school, in the cafeteria, he walked into her, spilling a tray of spaghetti on her. Cute story, very funny to remember. 

We went into a jewellery store, going in to pick out some cute friendship bracelets or something. I wasn't really paying attention, I was just following (b/f/n), now I wish I hadn't. "Everybody, hands on your head and get down on the ground!" A gruff voice yelled from the entrance of the store. I turned quickly, to face whoever was there. Three men wearing black ski masks were stood there, with pistols drawn. God I wish I hadn't turned around. I dropped to the floor, my eyes welling up with tears, my breathe becoming heavy. My vision was beginning to go blurry, whimpers leaving my throat. (b/f/n) looked at me, frantically trying to get me to calm down, the criminals looked over at the two of us, my whimpers were a dead give away, showing how frightened I was. 

The three looked at each other, "She looks valuable, the amount of stuff she's got, her parents must be loaded." One of them muttered to the others. Sadly he wasn't wrong about that. My parents were massively wealthy, too wealthy to know where the daughter was, or even to check if she was safe. I was raised by the staff we had in the house. My own mother was too busy being a trophy wife to care for me, she hired a nanny as soon as we got back from the hospital. My dad was the CEO of a massive company, he wouldn't notice if I stole two grand from his account, which is exactly what I'd done before coming out with (b/f/n). One for me, one for her. Anyway, the three guys came swaggering towards us, burlap sacks in hand.

As they came closer to me, the sack was shoved over my face, my vision going completely dark. Of course, that could of been the panic attack. "We'll ransom this one, I recognise her from the news, her dad runs the VIPO Corporation," The man's hands were clammy and heavy on my shoulders, he seemed to be the leader. "What do you think we can get for her friend?" He asked again, were they going to hurt us? Am I going to die? Would my family care? Would my soulmate care? Apparently, when a soulmate dies, a line is carved deeply and painfully into the soulmate tattoo, revealing their soulmates name. At least if I did die, my soulmate would find out who I was. 

Five pov

Red lights flashed through the academy, sirens whirring out of control, emergency. I jumped to the briefing room, surprisingly, I wasn't the first one there. Luther and dad were already there, talking over the brief. "Number Five, there is a robbery in progress at the mall, there were three hostages taken and you are to calm them down and keep them safe, whilst your siblings sort the rest," Dad stated in his monotone voice. I was absolutely shocked, this was the first time I was given hostage duty. Usually that was Ben's job, he enjoyed doing it too. He was calm and sweet and hated using his powers, it was perfect for him. "Why was I given dumb ass hostage duty?" I asked, outraged.

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