Coming Home (fluff)

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Five comes back from the future! What's his previous girlfriend's reaction? Enjoy xx

(y/n) pov

I heard Diego come into the house after one of his 'missions', I really wish he would let the past go. He was too bitter towards his family, especially his siblings.

His battle with Luther had gone on for as long as anybody could remember, I still remember Mom having to give me twelve stitches after I tried to get between Luther and Diego after Five left.

I looked down, trying not to let out tears. I never thought I could miss a person so much. People kept telling me to get over it, that he was probably dead. Don't give me that shit. I know exactly where he is, I see what he sees whenever I close my eyes.

Must be a soul mate thing.

Five and I had been dating for nearly a month before he left. People kept saying we were too young, but if anybody knew Five, they knew he was more of an adult than father was.

Many people get confused, thinking we are siblings, my father adopted the seven brilliant children a few days before I was born. Five wouldn't let me live it down, he loved being older than me.

Unlike the seven, Sir Reginald Hargreeves was my biological father. Whilst I did have powers, I wasn't born with them.

Five and I were very happy together, we hardly ever fought but when we did, it started of as a simple disagreement, it then escalated due to neither of us wanting to admit we were at fault. Of course, it was usually Five who cracked in the end. Although I do wish we had an argument before he left. He would realise his mistake.

My boyfriend was massively hot-headed and incredibly stubborn. Then again, so was I.

When Five left, I knew it had nothing to do with me, I knew from the beginning. Every time I slept I heard his voice, apologising. That was until a mission went wrong.

Flashback to Luther's mission~

Still (y/n) pov

I woke up early like I usually did, I sat up and put on my dressing gown before meeting Luther downstairs for breakfast. Luther was the only of the five siblings left who stayed in the academy. Wanting to use his powers to the fullest ability drive him to try harder.

Due to experiments I was still thirteen, a horrible age to stay in, mood swings, puberty and patronising. I joined Luther at the table, giving him a gentle smile, him giving me a sympathetic one back.

Today marked the eleventh year that Five's been missing. I knew Luther was worried so I just whispered to him, "I'm fine, but thanks for worrying Luther."

He gave me a side hug and I put my head on his shoulder, he was always there for me, no matter what.

After chasing each other around on bikes for a while, the alarms started blaring and the room flashed red.

Missions were always fun.

We were told there was a crazy scientist planning on destroying the planet using biochemical. We were told to stop him, father asking Luther to consistently protect me.

I sigh, I don't need protection, but I knew not to argue. We set off on own mission.

Timeskip to after mission~

After getting rid of the crazy scientist, Luther and I were in horrible shape. Luther was on a gurney being wheeled into the infirmary of the academy, father, Pogo and mom were all crowded around him.

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