Big Brothers (fluff)

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(y/n) pov

Being the youngest in the academy was tough. Not by birth, but by number. Father found me last and therefore, I was Number Eight. I loved my family dearly, but the difficulty of having 'older' brothers made my life sort of stressful. Especially since I was now in a relationship with one of them.

As terrible as that sounds, we were all adopted, if that's what buying children is. None of us had any genetic relation to each other, father had made sure of that. Thinking that all of us were connected biologically somehow, he had us all tested multiple times, the doctors were immediately fired and then compensated for afterwards.

Nobody could know about our genetic information considering it looked different compared to a regular person. None of us had biological fathers and the one we did have wasn't very loving, this issue actually caused us all to bond. 

In order to explain my predicament, let me go from brother to brother and explain. I'm not sure why my brothers were so protective, simply because my sisters were absolutely fine with me. Sure they were a bit paranoid about me getting hurt but they trusted me a little more than the boys. 

Let's start with Number One, Luther. He was the biggest and obviously the strongest of all of us, his ability being super strength. As the first child, he was officially named the eldest, and therefore the biggest pain in the ass. Luther never wanted me going on missions and was the most protective of me other than my delightful boyfriend. 

Number Two, Diego, who was actually the most laid back of my brothers towards me. Diego was the type to scoff, ruffle my hair and then walk off, stating that I could handle myself.  He was as sharp in tongue as his knives' blades were. 

Number Four, Klaus, definitely the most protective of me by far. I was never out of his sight but I wasn't exactly upset by that, he wanted to talk about his ability. Klaus was probably the most damaged of my brothers. All of us were thirteen and yet he had been through more than an average adult would. 

Number Five, Five, my boyfriend. Obviously he was protective of me, why wouldn't he be. As an observant boy, he'd watched relationships fall apart, watched as hearts were broken and partners physically hurt. There were moments of our relationship were Five had been terrified of losing me. 

The time I was injured in a mission, he'd sat by me the entire time I was in the infirmary. I was completely unconscious and yet he'd stayed with me, holding my hand and reading to me. I was in the infirmary for nearly a week and when I'd woken up, Five hugged me tightly and made me promise him to be more careful and to never leave him.

Finally, Number Six, Ben, the most compassionate of my brothers. Probably the most sneaky as well, whilst the rest of the boys were arguing over who was the best for me, (none of them agreed with mine and Five's relationship) Ben would grab my hand and we would sneak off to hang out in his room. 

We were currently in the middle of one of those arguments. Five was angry that he could never spend time with me without being interrupted. "You guys are so annoying, just leave us alone for one day!" He yelled, I'd never seen him this angry before. I tried to grab his hand only to feel my arm be tugged.

I turned to see Ben, "Come on," He whispered, trying to keep a low profile in front of my hotheaded boyfriend, "Let's go sit somewhere," He knew I'd want to talk this out. Most people, including Five, would see this as an opportunity to flirt with me, but we would sit and talk about a person he liked or about a book he was reading.

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