Silent Treatment (mostly fluff)

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I have been trying to think of a good idea all day, if you didn't know, I literally write and post in the same day. Sorry for mistakes. This just came to me and I think it's perfect for Five. Enjoy xx


(y/n) pov

I had gone to the academy to visit Pogo and Mom, I was the only one of us who did recently. I felt so bad that I wasn't able to see my siblings or go to father's funeral. I had been in a sustained area of time and space since Five had left sixteen years, four months and seventeen days ago.

Because of this, I couldn't age along with my other siblings, father had good reason for doing it. Although, part of me wished he could've tried to find an alternate route.

Flashback to when Five leaves~

I watched as Five left the dining room and ran out of the building. Five was the most important person to me, I loved him and he loved me.

My siblings, Allison and Luther, had always been bitter towards the two of us, as we were the only children who were allowed to be in a relationship, with each other or an outsider. Not even Vanya.

Father came up with this silly idea that if any of us were in relationships then it would distract us from 'more important things' like saving the world.

The only reason me and Five were together was because, ever since we were born, we were somehow connected. When we'd started growing up we were practically joined at the hip. Whenever we weren't was when accidents happened.

We hadn't been practicing our powers for very long, not even a week, when father got frustrated and angry. I was trying to concentrate on the plant pot in front of me. I was supposed to be able to grow plants of all kinds and control them the way I wanted.

I had been trying for the whole week with no success and father was losing patience. Storming over to me, he grabbed my arm and tried dragging me out of the room, I'm not sure where he was trying to take me but Five was having none of it.

"Let go of her!" Five yelled, alerting our other siblings. Five had already been able to control his spatial jumps, he was in the room with us because we were never, ever separated.

In a blink, Five had moved from the far corner of the room, to where father and I were. Five had a purple-blue pulse of energy around him, showing his anger.

Five grabbed me around the waist and jumped upstairs, his room, before locking his door and letting me go. He still had a pulse, crackling around him. Worried, I rushed over to him and hugged him from behind.

The energy around him started to die down, he turned around in my arms and buried his head in my neck. His breathing slowing down before he leaned back and kissed the top of my head, showing me he had calmed down.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, snuggling into Five's chest. He grabbed me gently by the shoulders and pushed me back slightly, "What the hell are you talking about?"

We were only eleven and yet he cursed and was way too grown up for our age. I looked up at him, catching the confused look on his face before averting my gaze again. "If I was able to control my powers, father never would have lashed out, its all my fault," I sobbed, tears streaming down my face.

Five chuckled and lifted my chin up, "Nothing will ever be your fault, you'll get the hang of your powers just like I did," I looked him in the eye and gave a weak smile back at his encouraging words.

After that, father never got between me and Five, nobody did. I had eventually gotten hold of my powers, just like Five had said. We would take turns sleeping in each other's rooms, otherwise we would both be hit by the same nightmare, the world with nothing in it, looking at each other's dead body.

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