Me Before You

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This one is based on a film I watched recently with my family, Me Before You. If any of you have seen it, let me know. This is going to have a much happier ending. Follow me on Instagram (crazy_otaku_demigod_fanfiction) if you want to message me and ask for requests or even advice in writing! Let me know if I should post pictures of myself on said Instagram or prefer on Wattpad as a face reveal. Enjoy xxx

(y/n) pov

I straightened out my shirt and stared up at the giant building before me. Umbrella Academy. Everybody knew about the children who lived and trained within these walls. All of them were my age, sixteen, yet they were fighting crime and being dangerous. I guess I wasn't much to go off, I was asking for a job at a young age. My family needed this money. I breathed deeply before knocking loudly on the large wooden door. A blonde woman answered and smiled down at me, "(y/n) (l/n)?" She asked, her voice was smooth and sweet. I nodded shyly, her smile kept and she invited me inside. "I must admit, many others have applied for the position and little have succeeded." She seemed deep in thought for a while, until I interrupted asking her why.

She sheepishly grinned, much less comforting than her genuine smile that reached ear to ear. "Five, the boy you're taking care of, he's difficult to get along with," She said quietly, as if he could hear her. "He's always been slightly hot-headed, but he has become more irritable since he was injured." She finished with a mutter. I looked up at her, cautiously. "If you don't mind me asking," I started, "What happened to him?" Her face changed, you could see she cared a lot for the children of the academy. "During one of his missions, he was burned rather badly, his skin won't scar but his left side has been completely scorched, he can't do much without assistance." She explained carefully.

I nodded in understanding, no wonder he was so agitated. Not only was he in excruciating pain, he couldn't do anything on his own. The woman smiled, "I haven't introduced myself, how rude of me, my name is Grace," I smiled back and shook her out reached hand. She stood up and straightened her clothes, I did the same. "Now I've introduced myself, let's introduce you to Five." She announced. As we were walking up the many stairs she offered exposition to the issue. There were seven other interviewees and none of them could handle Five's arrogance and anger. All of them were adults, not our age, which could give me the advantage.

I could hear classical music playing loudly from behind a door, Grace didn't bother knocking, he wouldn't have heard her anyways. Opening the door, a boy was sat in bed with his eyes closed. His chocolate brown hair was pushed back slightly with a wet cloth on his forehead. You could see his burns clearly and I struggled to keep my face straight to not offend him. The red burns crept down his face and neck, presumably across his chest as well. I was expecting a boy my age, not a good-looking one.

I stood behind Grace and she turned the music off, causing Five to open his eyes. His eyes were a lovely green colour, nobody this gorgeous could be as bad as Grace described. His eyes shifted to me and widened slightly, he must have been expecting someone older. I kept the pity off my face, nobody likes looking at that. "Hi, my name is (y/n)," I said gently, he looked at me and almost smiled. He seemed to realise and turn back to a frown, "Hello (y/n), I am the poor injured guy you are being paid to take care of, does that make you feel guilty or should I try again?" He asked.

I have had my fair share of sarcasm and mocking and raised my eyebrow, "Oh no that's alright, I'm used to selflessly taking care of miserable people," I answered, with my own sardonic nature showing through. I didn't think what I had said was a mistake until I saw Grace's worried stare. However, Five merely raised his brow as well, the two of us having an epic staring contest. I won eventually and he smirked at me. "I look forward to seeing you tomorrow," He stated in a business like voice. I smiled widely, my family would be so happy! Grace smiled too, filled with relief, she led me out of Five's room and pulled me close to her, hugging me. I was fairly awkward. Naturally, I stood still until she let me go. "Sorry for that, I'm glad that Five didn't chase you away, you seem special." She whispered to me, the classical music beginning once more.

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