Empathy (fluff)

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I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 earlier today whilst doing my nails and I keep falling in love with Mantis' character and her abilites. In this story, you are an empath, capable of feeling and recreating emotions through physical touch. Enjoy xxxx


Five pov

Ever since the apocalypse, I hadn't slept properly, I wasn't eating, I was living off of Scotch and coffee, sometimes both at the same time. Even after we'd beaten the apocalypse, my siblings reverting back to thirteen year old selves,  I wasn't able to sleep or eat or even relax.

That was, until I met (y/n). The first time I saw her I knew she was special, amazing mind, beautiful personality, gorgeous face and body and she was the first person I'd met that had gotten me to relax in fifty-eight years. 

When we'd met (y/n), it seems so long ago now, it was when dad sent us out on a new mission, to return to the academy with one of our own. A girl born on the first of October nineteen eighty-nine, the same as the rest of us. Her abilities were unknown and for all we knew, dangerous.


Bullets were being fired from all directions, knives being thrown from Diego and muffled screams coming from the poor (y/n) who was tied up and gagged in the corner of the basement. She was being kept as a hostage in order to get her rich ass parents to pay ransom.

Her parents never paid the fifty grand required to get their daughter back, simply stating that she was a freak anyway and they would rather have money than waste it on their child. What ass holes.

Let's go back to when the old man gave us the mission briefing, a hot day in late August, all of us were bothered by the heat and even though we were thirty to sixty years old mentally, we seemed to revert back to our childish egos.

We were all stood in front of the doors, ready to leave for the mission as soon as possible, except one person. Ben. Poor Ben was sick in bed as the last mission ended pretty roughly for him.

So the rest of us, Vanya included, stood in front of the doors listening to dad briefing the mission. Vanya wasn't actually allowed to use her powers until she could control them but she still enjoyed being included.

"All of you, pay attention," Dad started abruptly, awakening Klaus who had been leaning against the wall dozing off. "The girl you are going to be rescuing is one of you. We aren't aware of her powers, only that she was taken from her home last week. Her parents have refused to pay the ransom meaning she could be killed or worse."

I'm not sure why but this made me feel awful. Even though our dad was a dick he paid to get us, not get rid of us. What kind of douchebag parents must this poor girl have?

As much as we all wanted to see what she looked like, the old man didn't have a clear enough picture. All the pictures he did have, were blurs of   (s/t) skin and (h/c) hair.

We made our way out of the academy and into the streets. We were quick but also weren't running as to not attract attention. We all began speculating what our new team mate would be like.

Allison started off with her ideas. "I bet she's really sweet with abilities for animals and plants," Not a bad idea I thought as I nodded absentmindedly.

Klaus on the other hand, decided she was going to be more badass and have powers more destructive than anyone's. I highly doubted that. I had faith she would be pretty cool but we wouldn't have to go help her if that was the case.

Luther and Diego had similar views, surprisingly. Thinking she would be more the quiet, cute type. Luther wanted someone to protect and be the parental figure she never had. Diego wanted someone to talk to.

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