Green-eyed Envy (slightly mature)

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Hey you guys, once again, I've been awful with my updates, a lot of mental issues, I won't bore you with the details. Anyhow, this is my first ever requested one shot!  WARNING: This one shot contains slight physical abuse and verbally derogatory terms! This chapter was requested and dedicated to smolsquishbeeb0! Thank you so much for discussing what you want with me, I really hope I did your idea justice. If anybody wants to send a message requesting a chapter, feel free to. Enjoy the chapter xxx


Five pov

The equations on the wall were moving behind my eyelids. As much as I tried to relax, my mind wouldn't let me. I've tried reading, listening to music, even drinking warm milk. Nothing was working, I was too stressed out about the apocalypse. I still had six days and yet, I felt more pressured by the minute. My cognitive functions wouldn't work without sleep, I craved it, the only thing that could possibly cure my restlessness, (y/n).

She practically carried me through the apocalypse, she was my rock, my anchor to sanity. I would've lost my mind had she not been there. Of course, now I was losing my mind because I had no clue where she was. I opened my eyes and cursed under my breath, I had to go get her. I had slept with (y/n) by my side for forty-five years, I couldn't break that habit, despite our obvious age change. 

I jumped to each room in the academy, looking for my sweetheart. I was about to jump to the courtyard and search there, when I heard a giggle, no doubt belonging to my (y/n). I raised an eyebrow when I heard her giggle, (y/n) was a relatively happy girl, there was nothing knew about her randomly giggling, but something about this felt strange to me. It was coming from the main room, why hadn't I searched there yet? It was so obvious. 

I walked from the kitchen to the main room, following the delightful ringing that was (y/n)'s giggles. Then I heard another voice, definitely familiar, and speaking to (y/n). "I woke up the next day, my foot had half a handcuff on and I was married to a pineapple." Klaus, nobody else could say something so ridiculously stupid. Giggles followed. I scowled, usually nobody would laugh at that stuff either. (y/n) had always been easily entertained. 

I walked into the room, only to see (y/n) leaning on Klaus, his arm around her shoulders. I felt my blood boil at the sight of him being so close to her. They seemed to have heard me coming and looked up, "Five," (y/n) exclaimed, "Are you finally taking a break?" She finished. For some reason, that statement made me angry. "Well I apologise for trying to save the world, I guess you didn't miss me at all, you've just ran off to Klaus!" I yelled at her, causing her to flinch. I wasn't heartless and it did hurt that I'd scared her like that, but in the heat of my anger, I just turned and stormed off.


I know I should go and apologise, but why would I? (y/n) knows how important the apocalypse is, why was she hanging around with such an idiot rather than helping me? Him even breathing the same air as her would give her dumbass disorder. Yes, Klaus was my brother but it was no question that we weren't in any way related. Was she finally getting bored of me? I had thought it would happen sooner, I mean, the poor girl had been with me for nearly fifty years, she watched me become an assassin. Who am I kidding? She'd rather have a junkie than a murderer.

I had my head in my hands, but lifted it up at the sound of the door creaking slowly open. (y/n). In her infinite beauty, her (h/l), (h/c) hair hung loosely, framing her face wonderfully. Her (e/c) eyes stared down at me in concern, glittering like gems. "Hey," She spoke softly, as if trying to calm a child, "What just happened? Are you alright?" I sighed at this and walked over to her, cupping her hands in my own. 

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