twenty three

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"damn jimin." taehyung mumbled. jimin smacking his arm lightly. "wh-what? i think everyone knows how much i like noona." he admitted, chewing on the inside of his cheek as he avoided taehyung's cunning gaze.

"so what do we do now?" jimin asked, taehyung humming in thought. "how about we hang out? the four of us. i mean it'd be fun. we could order ramen and tteokbokki. i think we still got 3 bottles of soju in the fridge. there's wine and beer too." taehyung mumbled.

jimin nodded at his idea, sending nervous glances to seulgi who sat on the sofa, engaged in a conversation with joohyun. "should we tell them?" jimin asked, taehyung nodding before the two fistbumped, walking down the hallway into the living room.

"um girls? do you mind if the four of us hang out?" taehyung asked, the girls glancing at one another before nodding. "we're pretty cool with the idea." joohyun smiled, taehyung's heart melting in the process.

"ok, then we can go shower first, noona, do you mind ordering food?" jimin asked, joohyun nodding. "yea no prob. so what do you guys wanna eat?" joohyun asked. "we were thinking about tteokbokki and ramen. kimbap and pizza sounds good too." jimin mused, his eyes flitting towards seulgi as he smiled at the sight of her lighting up.

"that sounds good! so we'll go take a shower first then." she said, the 95 liners nodding. "you can shower in my bathroom, i'll be in jeongguk's." jimin said.

"remember to wash off seulgi's lipstick, you guys really went at it." she smirked, the pair blushing as taehyung snickered, shooting a wink at joohyun before the trio left the living room.

joohyun pulled out a small stack of flyers from under the glass coffee table, sifting through the crumpled and folded pieces of paper as she skims through the deals. she settles for two large chicken and hawaiian pizzas, one large mild tteokbokki along with a big serving of tuna and kimchi kimbap and four bowls of ramen.

she paced along the living room, wandering around the room as she picked up some of the boys' interests. headsets littered the room, photographs of the seven placed on little frames hung around the room. she noticed the waistband of an underwear sticking out the side of the couch and swiftly moved away.

manga novels and comics scattered around the coffee table, and she noticed the faintest stain on the leathered couch.

soon, the doorbell rang, and she fumbled for her purse hidden amongst the stack of comics.

hopping to the front door, she opens the door, the delivery man smiling as he struggled to hold the food in one hand. she took the food from him and walked over to the coffee table where she set it down. walking back to the door, she pats down her pockets. "shoot, i left my wallet. give me a second."

as she turned around, she hit a warm wall. her eyes trailed up to meet a half naked, and still wet taehyung paying for the food. "i'll pay." taehyung explained, handing over the stack of crisp bills to the delivery man who accepted it quickly and left.

joohyun closed the door and turned around to face him. she couldnt tell if she regretted it or not.

his towel hung dangerously low on his hip, his chest still with water droplets from his dripping hair. his golden skin illuminated from the yellow lamps in the corner, his warm velvety skin soft under his firm muscles.

" you mind looking at my face instead?" taehyung mumbled, joohyun almost losing her grip on her conscience, barely able to stop herself from kissing the younger boy.

noona. she liked how the syllables flowed from his lips, clear words that made her heart explode and her fingers tremble. she wasnt sure when they had established the noona-dongsaeng relationship, but she was sure it went further than that.

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