twenty two

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bae joohyun was stunned. her feet were glued to the ground and her heart jumped. she had noticed some clear similarities, but as the skeptic that she is, quickly diminished them all as soon as they bubbled to the surface of her thoughts.

"unnie?" a voice called, breaking her out of her reverie. it was seungwan, turned around with the rest of the girls, the seniors in the crowded hallway filing out respectively, nothing between the pair and the quadruplet.

she watched as seulgi and yerim smile that ooh-youre-with-a-boy smile that only friends did, nudging one anoher light heartedly, seungwan lips holding the ghost of a smirk. sooyoung stood idly by, her gaze directed directly to the hand on her shoulder, her face void of emotion.

"hey sooyoung, yerim! and hello seungwan noona! its been a while." he gleamed, joohyun shocked at how close they sound.

it was no surprise that hoseok and jeongguk were close woth the girls, but she had never expected him to be close with them too.

"hey!" yerim waved, seungwan smiling in return. sooyoung waved shyly at the older boy, her lips drawing a tight lipped smile.

"uhm, do you mind if i have a talk with you?" joohyun mumbled softly, loud enough only for the man to hear as she leaned in closer.

the boy nodded with a smile, joohyun turning back to see yermseul squealing.

"guys?" she called, grabbing their short attention. "uh, i'll be eating out, order some tteokbokki and eat it at home okay? i'll come back soon. seungwan's in charge for the time being. " she awkwardly declared, finishing off her leaderly duties as she briskly handed her reigns to seungwan, who hesitantly took it with a visible inward groan.

"have fun unnie, you too...taehyung oppa." sooyoung mumbled, her eyebrows slanted downward slightly as she turns around and starts walking off without the rest.

"bye unnie! and bye oppa!" yerim waved, before running up to sooyoung, an arm on the latter's waist.

"bye joo unnie." seungwan saluted, seulgi giving the older girl a warm squishy hug, taehyung standing awkwardly alone as he watched the girls say goodbye to their leader.

the pair of 94 liners waved a quick goodbye to taehyung before they linked arms, walking behind the maknaes.

soon, they turned the corner, disappearing from sight.

the pair were silent, awkwardly looking down at their surroundings. "um!" "uh!" they started at the same time, a burning red flaring on the tips of joohyun's ears as taehyung scratched his nape nervously.

"you first." he mumbled awkwardly, the girl nodding slowly. "do you want to get dinner?" she asked, the boy nodding, a grin on his face. "that'd be nice."


the pair walked to joohyun's manager and borrowed the keys to his car, stating that the other members would be going back via bts' car, and asking whether he could go back with a stylist.

"can you drive?" taehyung asked, joohyun shaking her head. "not really, i took a couple lessons but so far only seulgi and sooyoung can drive." she replied, taehyung nodding at the new information.

"do you mind driving?" she asked, taehyung shaking his head. "of course not. where to first?" taehyung asked, taking the keys from the woman.

"how about we change first?" she asked.

taehyung nodded at her idea, as they descended into the carpark and he opened the cardoor for her.

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