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the seoul skies were as dark as ink, vast and serene; the waning moon's alabaster hue illuminating the skies.

taehyung scratched his nape nervously, his inky orbs darting around, never meeting hers.

he stole a glance; breath hitching. her eyes that shone in every angle; crooning orbs that bloomed stars and constellations took his breath away.

she released her hand from his firm grip, her cold porcelain skin akin from his slinking back into the crook of her arm.

his hand lingered for a second, basking itself in the warm tingle where her hand connected with his a second before.

his long fingers curled back, finding comfort in the soft fleece lining his coat's pockets, with an added touch of a slight buzzing tingle still engulfing his fingertips.

he observed her warily, her darting eyes, lean fingers rubbing her arms and her shivering figure.

desire to hug her flared and tugged inside him. suppressing his wants, he immediately shrugs out of the warm fluffy material of his coat.

he takes a step closer to her, her twinkling orbs widening a smidge in surprise. draping the material of his coat on her shoulders, he readjusts the coat on her.

stepping back, he stifles a giggle. the coat eats her whole, swallowing her small figure. he feels his heartstrings twinging, as if someone was playing it like a guitar.

carnations bloom inside him, fueling his unadulterated excitement, bubbly feeling warming his insides and melting them like soft goo.

in other words; taehyung found her adorable.

"keep it on, i know its too big but, you might freeze off." he smiles, cheeks rising and eyes shrinking into bright lines.

"what about you?" she timidly asks, her thick eyebrows slanting downward, her tone laced thickly with concern. taehyung's heart skipped a beat, her worry wrapped around him in a flurry, warming him up from inside.

"my turtleneck is really warm, plus it was getting hot. don't worry." he reassures her, her gaze lingering with wary glances before she ultimately gave in. the cold bit into her skin, and she needed warmth badly.

butterflies fluttered in her stomach for a second as she felt her cheeks flushing.

taehyung watched as joohyun slink into the material of the coat before his tensed muscles relaxed as well.

"so, do you wanna walk?" taehyung asked, his eyes meeting her orbs yet once more.

she nodded curtly, slowly sauntering off into the noir night sky, leaving taehyung to catch up with her with a few strides.

he paired himself with her slow strides, hands crossed and tucked in the crook of his arms as he admired his surroundings.

they were secluded, the pair only accompanied by the soft chirrups of the animals around them.

drying trees once lush decorated the pavement with their dead leaves, and freshly cut grass crunches beneath their feet.

the stars are barely visible that night, a few lightly twinkling amongst the infinite sea of inky skies whilst most hid beneath the fabric of the velvety night.

the pair were just another part of the vast infinite, basking inside one of the universe's blooming gifts. they were merely carnations in a blooming summer garden, one of many. they held irrelevance to the sapient universe.

yet to the pair; it didn't hold much significance either. they were together. although no words were exchanged in the abyss of their time spent dazedly wandering around han river, they bathed in the warming presence of one another comfortably.

"how was your day?" taehyung's melodic voice mumbled, breaking the infinite silence between them. his hands behind his back comfortably as his head turns slightly, facing her.

he is met with her profile, her head slightly cocked up to the heavens, moonlight gleaming in her eyes like glitter. she hums softly, her gaze to the skies never broken.

"honestly, tiring. you?" she asks, her eyes twirling it's attention away from the faint stars to taehyung's piercing gaze.

"i missed you alot." his clear voice rumbles through her fragile bones, emanating peachy glows through the small visible parts of her cheeks; alabaster skin fading into rosy hues.

she stumbles a little before her steps halt and she is there, her eyes wide and flustered as they bat unconsciously. she cleared her throat nervously, taehyung shooting her a wink before he resumes his constant walk.

she stands there, eyes wide and pallid and mouth slightly agape before she jogs over to his side.

"seriously." she presses, her gaze intense on his. "well, it was interesting per se, just the usual, meetings, thinking of bunnies, more meetings, more bunnies. the bunnies were the highlight of my day after all." he remarks, playful glints shining in his dark eyes.

joohyun's cheeks flush the slightest bit more as she glances away from him, her feet suddenly more interesting than anything else.

"i'm kidding, we sat in meetings and signed contracts. it was stuffy." he revealed, a bitter look in his gaze, now directed towards the ground as well.

"wanna tell me about it?" joohyun asks, her glittering orbs focused on him. he is silent for a few moments, before his gaze locks onto her once more.

"i've been waiting to tell you everything. don't hesitate to do the same either." he smiles, his eyes the shape of crescents as her eyes smile along with him.

the pair spend the next hour or so talking about everything, failing to realise how much time passed.

taehyung glances at his gold rimmed watch, frowning at the time.

"hey bunny, it was really nice meeting you. sadly, i think i have to go now." he mumbles softly, her smile dying down as well.

"oh. i see- its okay." she smiles, her eyes lingering with bittersweet glints.

taehyung walks up to her, too close for comfort as he dives down, wrapping his arms around her small frame.

joohyun is taken aback, but finds herself relaxing in his grip and her hands on his back.

"take care yea? see you when i come back." he mumbles in her ear, his warm breath tickling her as it sends her heart in a frenzy.

"you too. stay in touch okay?" she mumbles back, him humming in her ear in agreement.

he pulls back, bittersweet smile under his mask. "keep the coat. give it back the next time we meet okay?" he mumbles, as she nods in agreement.

"see you." he waves as he watches her mimic his actions before slowly walking off in the other direction.

he turns off as well, setting off in the other direction.

the pair walks off on their separate ways, unbeknownst feeling tugging at their heavy hearts as they set off, on their separate ways.

heyo! this chap was a tough one lol anyways recently i found myself in the actual work of art that is @kingsglaive or @jjk-kyr um excuzes moi son art pur i'est en amour.

ive read her books before but this time i really like actually read it and holy cow she brings the work of shakespeare to shame lol.

anyways i hope you enjoy this chapter that is chaotic as heck but i tried really hard to be a knockoff liya and ju lovechild but i cannot write to save my life lol.

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