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it was about 3 hours after midnight, the seoul air chilly as summer bid farewell and welcomed autumn. at this time, any normal person would be fast asleep. but sooyoung isn't really normal now is she?

park sooyoung is loud. she is warm and kind and also slightly intimidating. she is somebody who will be there at 4am when you've broke up with somebody, consoling your drunken self as she rubs your back, your tears and snot all over her designer clothes. she will celebrate you getting promoted, and she will not hesitate to call out something that is wrong. she is so so beautiful, specks of stardust glittering her eyes that are laced with thick luscious lashes, plump wine red lips that curve into the sweetest smile, refreshing and bubbly disposition that never seems to fade.

but park sooyoung is also human. behind her goddess-like visuals, she has flaws. one of them being, she can't express her feelings.

so when she finds herself slowly falling for kim taehyung of bts, she wavers, her strong flag faltering in the wind.

sooyoung doesn't know what to do. she knows, he has no feelings towards her, and will ultimately never develop feelings. the actions towards her that fated night being only of his chivalrous personality. but although she knows these things, a flower in her has bloomed and until now, almost 3 months after their first meetup, the bud in her has never stopped blooming.

sooyoung bites back a whimper, her body slouched against the door of her room, as she curls up quietly. her gaze is locked on yerim, the small paper like girl with raven dark hair sprawled out on her pillow, position fetus-like, soft snores emanating from her small body. the window directly above her bed, with the shutter shades undrawn, spills in the milky glow of the moon, illuminating her ghostly pale face. in the moonlight, yerim looks more like a doll than she has ever looked.

sooyoung loves yerim. she loves her with her whole heart, she watched the girl grow up and blossom into the young woman she is today. sooyoung trusted yerim with her life, and to her, yerim was her second half, her best friend, yin to her yang and her partner in crime. yerim was basically her. she could control her emotions, when she's sobbing into her pillow at 3am, yerim cheered her up. when she was mad and stressed out about the schedules, yerim comforted her and helped her relax. but sooyoung couldn't help but feel the slightest twinge of remorse, for it was yerim who asked her to go out on that double date with her and jungkook, for it was yerim who brought her there. but she hated herself more, for it was her fault, her fault that she fell for taehyung. and that was something even yerim couldn't control.


taehyung is a simple man. his feelings aren't complex, usually plastered across his face.

therefore as he hears the request for bunny to meetup with him, he is ultimately surprised, his eyebrows twitching and his mouth slightly agape.

"right now?" he asks as he hears her small voice returning, lightly humming in response. "I live nearby." she mumbles.

suspense hung in the air around him, tension and pressure weighing on him.

"sure." he croaks after a minute of thought. "I'll be at the top of the bridge in fifteen, see you soon, hyung." her papery voice trembles.

"o-ok." he replies, the line ending abruptly. he can't help but stand there and wonder. "what the hell just happened."

taehyung is about a 5 minute walk away from the bridge, so he takes his time. as he walks, hands in the pockets of his pyjama bottoms, he is left in his thoughts, unwavering raw emotions as the only companion by his side besides the light chirps of the cicadas nearby, young couples that were engrossed in make out sessions and ogling one another and the calm waters of han river.

he pulls his hands out of his pockets as he hums a tune. deep in thought, he reminiscences on past conversations with bunny. she sounded elegant, soothing voice that was deep and calming. she was witty, often laughing at his dumb dad jokes he stole from seokjin. his smile doesn't falter, as he reaches the top, seating himself on a bench.

he is lost in the memory of bunny, her soft voice, boisterous laughter adjacent to her timid chuckles. her jokes that although are lamer than jin's, somehow leaves him a laughing mess, usually leaving her embarrassed. her nonstop gushing of her day's events without her members, fawning over how amazing the new softener smells and how well it cleans, or how she replaced all the duvet sheets and how clean her dorm smells. and all throughout, his smile doesn't falter, instead, it broadens.

he remembers his heartstrings twinging lightly at the sound of her voice, that night when she serenaded him to bed. his stomach sinking when she burned herself while ironing clothes that midsummer's day, and how all throughout his busy days, he couldn't wait to go home to her voice and share his daily events with her.

and one day, she stopped. she didn't call back, neither did she reply or read his texts. he was almost going crazy without the sound of her voice, his lack of her soothing voice driving him nuts. and after almost 4 weeks without her, he had decided to go to han river, few days before his big world tour to unwind. he grabbed a mask and bucket hat off the counter in his dorm before leaving, for the sake of keeping his time there private. he made his way to the far end of the river, talking to himself as a coping mechanism, he imagined she was there, listening to him quietly.

and then he couldnt stand it anymore. he was puzzled to her ambiguous actions, why she all of a sudden abruptly went on a hiatus.

so he called her, and after the fifth beep and him chanting "please pick up, please pick up" in his head over and over, she did.

and it all led to that very moment. his legs are crossed, his fingers fidgeted nervously as he pulled his mask higher and readjusted his black bucket hat, making sure that no one noticed him. he heard the familiar sound of leaves crunching, and caught the figure of a small, thin girl inching closer. she was doll-like, paper-like skin that glowed and strikingly pretty visuals. she was donned in a pale peachy tank top, thin black polka dotted pyjama bottoms around her thin legs.

her raven hair was loose around her bare arms and slippers cushioned her feet. the only thing striking a blatant comparison between her outfit; the mask she wore, covering her nose and mouth, a pair of glasses that made it hard to see who she was and a baseball cap, tightly clamped down on her head.

and as she approached, his heartbeat fastened as she faltered. her hands tightened around her arms. she paused, feet unable to move. he watched as she trembled slightly, legs shaking in fear. so taehyung panicked. nonetheless, he gulped hard, releasing a shaky breath before he cupped his hands to his covered lips. "hey bunny!". he noticed her little hand twitch after a second. briskly waving, her feet slowly resuming its way towards him, leaves faintly crunching beneath her soft slippers, her movements getting louder until she halts about a feet away from him.

she had skin glowing like the stars, with the pale glow of the moonlight and pale, warm yellow spilling from the streetlights illuminating her face, her only visible features being her soft cheekbones and twinkling eyes. taehyung felt his heart ringing in his ribcage, and cheeks redden, and at that moment he was glad to be covered.

"hello bunny." taehyung initiated. he held a big warm hand out, as her eyes flickered towards them, and slowly back to his eyes. she smiled, her eyes crinkling, his heart twinging as she clasped her small, cold hand in his.

"hello, hyung."

aHHHH ITS HERE!1!2!3 YOUR GORL IS DONE WITH FINALS AND IS FINALLY FREEEEEE until next week where although we finished the syllabus, there is sadly still school smh but anyways to everyone who anticipated this here you go! lol noT even kidding i rewrote this about 6 times, unpublishing and republishing, uGh but i think im pretty satisfied with this version so jess isnt chANGING ANYMORE. (yes thats my actual name lol u can call me that if u want to)

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