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i was listening to this song writing this, enjoy! + boy pablo is great uwu

"damn." taehyung winced as he felt his head pounding, ears ringing with a shrill shriek. he sat up from the sofachair he was on, he must've fallen asleep the night before. he stole a glance at the small table, beer cans littered the table and spilled onto the floor. he reeked of alcohol and he was still slightly drunk.

sunlight spilled through his open window, the high, yellow sun illuminating bright, white glowering light through his dorm. it cascaded down the table, hard shadows of the beer cans stretching out through his room.

he gently pushed himself off, the sofa's leathered cushions peeling away from his body.

he stumbled lightly, stretching before he bent down with a groan, picking up the cans as he tossed them in the bin. he shuffled awkwardly towards his closet, sliding the doors open as he pulled out a black cotton tee and silken baby blue pajama pants.

grabbing briefs and a towel, he stripped as he entered his shower.

more sunlight poured upon his body as he stood under the shower, warm water dousing his body as he scrubbed.

he paused to shave, droplets of glistening water gliding down his smooth golden body, dripping from his silky hair.

once he finished getting ready, he stepped out his room, and into the living room. the smell of rice and chicken soup filled the air, jimin passed out on the couch with jungkook sprawled out on the floor next to him.

taehyung stepped into the kitchen, seokjin eating happily, no trace of a hangover in sight. "oh taehyung." he smiled as he waved him over. taehyung walked up to him, grabbing a seat in front of the older man.

"aren't you hungover?" taehyung asked as jin slurped his soup. "if I wasn't, I wouldn't be drinking chicken soup." he replied, a smize on his lips.

"are there any more?" taehyung asked, his stomach grumbling slightly. "yeah, go check the containers in the fridge. I just put them in so I'm pretty sure it's still hot." jin answered. taehyung mumbled a quick thanks, walking over to the fridge as he pulled out chicken broth and rice.

behind him, he made out the sound of a phone ringing, jin answering it shortly. "yo sooyoung." he sipped another mouthful of soup. taehyung's eyebrows raised at the mention of her name, "heyo piggy. you been good?" he faintly heard a familiar sweet voice on the other line.

"eh pretty good I guess, anyways what do you want loser?" seokjin asked, taehyung's head cocking a little at how close they sounded. "are you alone?" he heard her ask softly. "mhm. gimme a second.." he replied, shoving the rest of the food into his mouth as he placed his dishes in the sink. "help me wash please, thanks." seokjin mumbled to taehyung as he walked into the living room, "what happened?" fading away into a soft blur.

taehyung picked up utensils, lastly picking up laver and kimchi before he started eating. he would pick up on a little of jin's conversation once in a while, murmurs of "oh my gosh HAHAHA", and occasionally the "YAH PARK SOOYOUNG!"

"WHAT? ok I kinda understand but yeah. you want advice? Ok" taehyung's ears perked up, his attention divided.

"so you like him...ah I see. okay I know how you feel but, you gotta stop thinking. I know it's hard but distract yourself. Thinking about him too much isn't good. Mhm. It's hard to understand but you'll get my point eventually. YAH! HAHAHA, Ok, ok. Mmm. See you soon too loser. bye."

taehyung nodded at his words, a smile playing on his face.

turns out jin gives amazing advice.

small filler chapter, next will play out at the award show only rv and bts attended. sorry for the time skip but uM tHERES NOTHING TO DO ABT BTS BEING IN EUROPE TOURING ALL DAY AND NIGHT WHILE RV IS IN KOREA CBING SO I HOPE YOU DONT YELL AT ME FOR THE TIME SKIP ILYSM YALL HUHU bUt I'm sorry for giving you all trash for being on a hiatus for abt 3 weeks? Anyways rbb is coming out soon! and I migHt have a mafia btsvelvet au coming out soon😋

ily all, I'll try posting next week if I rmb lol muah muah >3

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