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he bit his lip. "Hyung, what's a celebrity secret hotline?" Namjoon blinked at him. "Do you ever go on the idol forum?" Joon asked. Tae shook his head.

Joon let out a small sigh as he holds out his hand. "Your phone." Taehyung stared at his hand for a second before snapping back into reality and patting down his legs for his phone, which he handed to him.

"See, it's an app. Here, I already downloaded it for you." Namjoon says as he hands the phone back to Taehyung and gives him the smallest smile.

"What's it about?" He asks as he scrunches his nose. "Go to the forum." Joon says with a sleepy yawn and stretch as he chases Taehyung out of his room.

Confused, Taehyung scratched his head as he stared at his phone, not looking where he was going and before he knew it, he was opening the door to Jimin's room.

Jimin was on his bed, bathing in slumber, before the click of the door shut startled him and he woke with a jolt.

He sat up quickly, covering his bare chest with his blanket as his feet slung lazily back into the warmth of his duvet.

Taehyung, who was shocked that he even entered Jimin's room stood there in shock before shrugging and confidently striding over to his bed. Hoseok had decided to go on a little midnight voyage, with a so called "friend" of his called Seungwan.

Jimin rubbed his eyes as his vision focused on the person in front of him. "What do you want?" He mumbled as his head dropped down on his pillow.

"Celebrity secret hotline. Help me." Taehyung said as he watched Jimin's eyes sober up and him sit up faster than how Jungkook won a match in overwatch.

"You dont know about it?" Jimin goggled in shock as he observed Taehyung's confused expression. "Sadly, i dont." Taehyung retorted. He was sick of feeling like an idiot, for being the only one who didn't know about the hotline.

"Woah woah woah, calm down tiger, its not a big deal. Ok, you have the app right?" Jimin says as he holds his hand out. Placing his phone into Jimin's hand, Jimin scooted over to Taehyung's side and held the phone up.

"Ok so the hotline is basically uh, a hotline. But for celebrities of course. Kpop idols to be specific . So many people use this app. Just try it out. Dont worry, the big three made it, no one can hack through it." Jimin said before collapsing into his duvet once more. "Ok now leave me alone." Jimin mumbles as Taehyung pats his cheek and mumbles a small thanks. Jimin hums in response before taehyung clicks the door shut once more after exiting and stared at his screen.

There, the app was. Curiousity filled him to the brim, overflowing perhaps, as he lets out a deep breath and his tongue runs over his bottom lip quickly.

"Celebrity secret hotline huh." He mumbles before tapping on the app.


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