twenty eight

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it is important to grow and let go; that is the most important thing about growing up.

you have to let go.

and the same concept applies to love; in a sense, you have to let go of some things in order to propel your relationship.

and sometimes; that means you have to let each other go to.

that is the bittersweet truth.

back home in daegu, joohyun had only ever had one boyfriend. park dongsoon; a farmer's child. a womaniser. an asshole.

and since her first relationship didn't go well (at all), joohyun's idea of love had been tainted in ways more than one. and so the question remains; does she love taehyung?

they're on the way back to joohyun's dorm at 3:43am, a sullen bittersweet feeling lingering in seoul's sepulchral midnight air.

heavy rain downpours itself onto seoul, adding to it's already gloomy atmosphere. joohyun feels her eyelids getting heavier, and she knows that taehyung must be exhausted.

they had snuck in about an hour of sleep before he woke her up, informing that their little sleepover had been duly interrupted by her ("very intimidating") manager and a sudden last minute schedule for the girls early that same day.

reluctantly, the two spent ten minutes packing up joohyun's belongings in sullen silence, obviously a little irritated at the sudden wakeup call her manager had oh so nonchalantly dropped on the young couple at 3.00am.

joohyun strongly suspected her manager just wanted her to go home.

joohyun is silent in the way she is when she is deep in thought, and it isn't long enfore taehyung notices too.

"what are you thinking about?" he asks, and joohyun's heart swells in her chest. they hadn't even spent that much time with each other in person, his ability to catch onto her little habits had been a pleasant surprise. her face burned with glee.

and so, when she turns to glance at him and she sees his beautiful face looking at her instead of the road, and the constellations that are drawn out in his pretty eyes, she hesitates.

"you don't have to tell me if you don't want to." he grins softly, yawning slowly in the way her old neighbourhood cat would.

and it is this, this little phrase and his soft grin and little yawn that she decides that she won't hesitate anymore.

"i was thinking about you." she musters out confidently, and it is the certainty in her voice that surprises taehyung.

"oh." he replies softly, his ears burning red with anticipation. "go on." he urges nonchalantly, trying to hide his smile.

"i-, it's hard to explain. i really, really like you taehyung." she blurts, covering her eyes with her hair.

taehyung giggles softly next to her, and she feels like she is going to explode.

"noona, i love you." taehyung replies, so softly and casually that it's almost a whisper. joohyun feels like she's the only person in the whole world with him. he says it just loud enough for her to hear, and she knows, she knows that his heart is hers. he is singing to her and his words are music to her very ears. taehyung's words are for joohyun. no one else.

and when taehyung opens his hand to her, and she puts her small palm in his, and he grasps it like it's the most precious thing in the world, joohyun knows that she might love him too.

"how do you know you love me?" she asks. "why has the word love been glorified to be such a sacred word?" he retaliates, tossing her question back at her. "because the idea of love scares us." she answers, watching the corners of taehyung's lips turn up. "well, yes. but why should we fear love? i think love is what it is; a feeling. and i love you." he says.

joohyun is silent.

"kim taehyung, i think i love you too." she says, and when she admits it to him, she feels a sense of accomplishment. it's as if her words only confirmed what her heart had been singing.

and it is music to her ears.

kim taehyung is visibly taken aback by her sudden boldness, slowly veering to a small open alley before decelerating his car. he lets out a deep breath, one that feels and sounds like he has been holding it for a long, long time.

the pair share silence between them, their gazes locked on each other.

on occasions, joohyun's mind has wandered to the thought. how many other girls have had the privilege of loving kim taehyung?

she wonders who else have given their heart to this beautiful man, and who else he has given his heart to.

she tries, so so hard to think. she imagines about his first love in daegu. who else had been so lucky to have ever held kim taehyung's big, beautiful heart?

"i am literally the happiest person on earth right now." taehyung grins softly, breaking joohyun's train of thought, and suddenly her thoughts dont matter anymore. who cares if taehyung had loved another before.

right now, kim taehyung was looking at her like she was the only person in the entire universe.

and without another word, he leans over and kisses her softly. he kisses her slowly and so tenderly, joohyun doubts she could ever love another. and so she kisses him back, she gives him her heart in her kiss, she holds him at the base of his neck, and she caresses him so, so softly. she never wants to let go.

when they finally pull up at the basement parking lot of joohyun's dorm, she hesitates.

she doesn't want to leave. she wants to spend more time with taehyung. heck, she'd probably drop everything and spend her whole lifetime with him if it meant he'd always love her the way he did in this moment.

bae joohyun is in love with kim taehyung.

she is completely and utterly insane for kim taehyung.

and kim taehyung loves bae joohyun just as much.

the news hits them like a truck in a few hours.

BREAKING! Kim Taehyung of BTS and Irene of Red Velvet to be caught on a date?

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