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Idols ·irene × lisa· by hyunlis
Idols ·irene × lisa·by loulou
She likes RedVelvet's leader She likes BlackPink's maknae
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You (SeulRene Fanfic) by UrFellowShipper
You (SeulRene Fanfic)by UrFellowShipper
Everyone has been telling me not to interact with her. She's got rumors surrounding herself. Should I believe them or not? What is the truth behind you? ~~~ original sto...
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The Handsome Hotelier 🏢 | JinRene Fanfic  by blinkingline
The Handsome Hotelier 🏢 | c a r e t
When Irene thought she'd never meet the despicable guy who stole a kiss from her again, he just had to constantly pop up and had to witness her worst state. 🏢 Heartbeat...
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Seulgi - Smut by ZeeLaur
Seulgi - Smutby ZeeLaur
Dom Irene x Bottom Seulgi smut one shots and imagines Seulgi X members! Seulgi being a bottom imagines! Rare Top Seulgi! Caution Sinners mind
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MĨ ĂMÕŘ by Xiuwaifufics
MĨ ĂMÕŘby aeris♡
[Completed] Аниргүйг цочроон чи миний зүрхэнд дэлбээлнэ. Ханашгүй мэт харанхуйд чи минь нүд гялбам гэрэлтэнэ. Миний ертөнц. Миний гэрэл гэгээ. Миний хайр. -Torae🍓
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[Wenrene]- 『Anh đào hoa.』 by _Jamessnow_
[Wenrene]- 『Anh đào hoa.』by James
『đồi hoa đào cùng nắng tháng ba, kết lên giấc mộng mối tình lụi tắt.』
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oneshots || bts x rv by bbyogurt
oneshots || bts x rvby yogurt
requests are [CLOSED] btsvelvet oneshots • a book for every bangtanvelvet fan! reveluv and army are forever welcome. this book contains different ships from the members...
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Hooked [LISx] by troublesince2002
Hooked [LISx]by E
What a nerd can do.
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Silent||Seulrene by Chaeyoungiiee
Silent||Seulreneby ☆yujin☆
A girl who doesn't talk, but what will happen when a new student comes and tries to be friends with her? The new girl will find out things about the other girl that she...
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Fancy [LIS÷] by troublesince2002
Fancy [LIS÷]by E
Who the fuck are you?
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floral ;; wenrene  by bubblybinnie
floral ;; wenrene by ⓜⓘⓛ
"why do you know so much about flowers?" in which joohyun loves wendy, so she picks flower petals and cries
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SCENES  by bp__xxii
A this one is a compilation of one shots/scenes from different ships (sailing or non-existent) LOL [More on LisRene]
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silence || rv  by taenology
silence || rv by j.
@k.yerim is live on instagram! highest ranking: #276 in horror cr. taenology || 2017
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[✔️] Deja Vu • Seulrene by quacksmolcub
[✔️] Deja Vu • Seulreneby 조이[J O Y]🌈
"This day seems to be repeated is it Deja Vu?" IrenexSeulgi @/Quacksmolcub 🏆 Highest Ranking #15 on bae
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o u r  s o n g | j u n g r i by Alexandra_Gabriella
o u r s o n g | j u n g r iby cheeee ☆
•this is a jungri (bts' jungkook and red velvet's yeri) story so if you hate this ship, find your way out. •i only ship them, i don't mean to harm anyone. this is just a...
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(wenjoy); Day 1 by _Merakiii_
(wenjoy); Day 1by 𝕥𝕨𝕚𝕟𝕜𝕝𝕖 𝕥𝕠𝕖𝕤
Nơi tổng hợp những fic mình viết và trans về couple wenjoy đáng yêu mà ít fic
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Beeper [LIS-] by troublesince2002
Beeper [LIS-]by E
She's dying
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[SEULRENE] - Bác Sĩ Khoa Cấp Cứu by _LeeKioPH_
[SEULRENE] - Bác Sĩ Khoa Cấp Cứuby BelleMére
"Trước giờ em chưa từng tin vào định mệnh...cho tới khi gặp chị" -------------------------------- "Trong cuộc đời này em sẽ gặp được vô số người, nhưng kh...
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Surrender by Annisapramestia
Surrenderby Annisapramestia
Mereka dulunya sepasang sahabat saat menginjak di bangku Junior High School sampai Senior High School namun harus terpisah ketika memutuskan untuk kuliah di Universitas...
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russian roulette • taekook by taetwnk
russian roulette • taekookby char
jungkook: kiranızı ödemenize yardımcı olurum ama beni öpmeniz gerek önce
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