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@bunnybottoms: hey, why are you still up? don't you have a schedule?

oh, I came back a while ago, why, you miss me ;)?

@bunnybottoms: please, of course not. I have to go now, I have a schedule right now! call you later tonight, okay?

perfect timing I suppose, I have to leave right now too. and of course I'll call you tonight, we do have quite a bit to talk about.

@bunnybottoms: mhm, bye!



"unnie, go." yerim urged as joohyun took a deep breath, before sliding the door open and walking out, the sounds of cameras clicking and the screams of fans erupting the second she opened the door.

flashes of bright camera lights shone and flickered, the girls remaining calm. they walked down the red carpet, simpering brightly to the cameras and fans as they walked down the aisle the reporters stood.

"hello red velvet! this is entertainment weekly..." a reporter started brightly, his glossy hair gelled flat on to his sharp head, a light smile on his face as he pushed the microphone in their faces.

the girls plastered bright smiles on their faces as they greeted the cameras. "irene ssi, how does it feel to be here?" the reporter asked, but before joohyun could open her mouth, screams erupted, startling her as she turned to the source of the sound.

there, exiting from a familiar glossy black van that resembled their own car, came out BTS.


a/n: just a small peek before the next chapter, I've been so stressed lately and I'm so scared of making this flop and sjsksksk ok bye😪💞💌

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