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the night was slowly turning into dawn, as the familiar feeling of the warm sun glowing through the window fell on her face in such an angle that it hit her eyes and lips. her lightly tinted windows letting out a warm golden glow into the room, staining and splattering the room with colour.

She winced as she rubbed them slowly. sitting up slowly, immersed in her half asleep state, she groggily looks to her left, where a giant plushie of a purple bunny lay. she tousled her already messy hair that was loose and sniffled as she wiped her face with the sleeve of her oversized purple tee.

she grabs the plushie and holds it close to her chest, squeezing it tightly as she lets out a small smile. although she barely got sleep the night before, she was filled with energy, because for once, she actually could sleep well.

plopping back onto her back, she smiles in content as she kicks her blanket around. "Aah that was nice." She mumbled as she stretched and pulled her legs out onto the side of the bed, letting them dangle as her feet gently swayed and knocked into the bed frame underneath.

her laced panties being the only cloth covering her bottom, she tugged her enormous shirt down, lowering it enough to cover her until her mid-thigh. lightly cracking her neck, she shoved her feet into the furry purple slides and with short strides, she reached her bathroom and got ready quickly, singing along to her favorite songs.

stripping her panties, she tugged the shirt over her head as she tugged the bathroom curtain open and stepped in.

Starting her shower, she sung along as she shampooed and conditioned her hair, scrubbing her body lightly, ignoring the sounds of the world around her. including the sound of seulgi banging on the door.

"Yah! Who's in there?" She screamed outside as Joohyun, oblivious as she is, ignored the cry and continued belting her favorite song at 6.00 a.m.

"i swear to god, im coming in." Seulgi mumbled as she forced the door open with a jerk and with a bobby pin from her mountain of waves that sat atop her head in a bun so messy you can't call it a bun anymore.

The sound of the swish of the bathroom curtain opening, a joohyun shrieking and a seulgi shrugging could be heard from halfway across the world as Joohyun retreats into the corner of the bathtub, a loss for words as she squats in the corner, hands across her chest and feet tightly bound against her pelvis.

"Kang Seulgi get the hell out and let me finish." Joohyun sternly said with a hint of annoyance in her voice. "Oh what? Its not like it's your first time showering with me." Seulgi winked as Joohyun rolled her eyes. "We were in a rush! Just let me rinse off my body and let me leave." Joohyun retorted, daggers shooting from her glares as Seulgi scoffed in return.

"Fine. 2 minutes. Then get out." Seulgi said as she stepped out, joohyun returning to her standing position, wincing at the soreness of her legs pressed so tightly together.

Quickly rinsing herself off, she quickly ties her robe around her waist as she pulls the curtain open. An annoyed seulgi stood naked as she playfully smacked joohyun's ass on the way out.

Joohyun yelped as Seulgi quickly pushed her out of the bathroom. Chuckling lightly, she slid her feet back into the slides waiting outside for her, but this time a pair of yellow bear slippers sprawled out next to her neat ones. Tsking, she kicked seulgi's shoes neatly together.

Walking into her room, she checked her phone, pleasantly surprised to see that @ththth had sent her another message.

"Morning sunshine ;) hope you have a great day ahead, looking forward to tonight :))" he sent as her lips tugged into a warm simper.

"What the heck- why are you so cheesy lol. tbh I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to tonight as well. See you then! :)"

"I see i made you fall for me ;)" he sent as she rolled her eyes playfully. "Oh pooh, says the boy who replied right after i sent my text. And apparently im the one in love 👀👀" she sent as she let out a soft giggle.

"You got me there. I guess you win all the time. Anyways, i have to go now, reaching the place im scheduled for. I hope you're excited for tonight! Farewell, milady." He sent with an attachment.

She smiled as she sent a quick bye before clicking on the attachment.

Lightly, she dropped her body on the bed as she viewed the image. It was his hand, long slender fingers forming  a finger heart. She smiled as she found herself saving it as her homescreen.

As if it were a trance, she broke out of it and stared at what she had just done. Blinking wildly she was about to change it back when, "it's just a finger heart. Nothing more." She convinced herself as she set her phone down, heart convincing her brain that it meant nothing.

But deep down. She knew. She knew what it meant. But she was just going to ignore them for now.

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