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Only You (K.th & B.jh) by whysoseriouslady
Only You (K.th & B.jh)by zandara
"I Purple You.." Kim Taehyung said to his woman named Bae Joo-hyun. (K.th & B.jh)
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VRene Book 1[CLOSED] by LilyWhalien
VRene Book 1[CLOSED]by LilyWhalien
Kim Taehyung x Bae Joohyun one shots Started: 01/08/18 Ended: 07/07/19 03|06|18 : #392 in Fanfiction :) 03|09|18 : #340 03|10|18: #312 03|15|18: #218
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WORKPLACE + btsvelvet by taekee
WORKPLACE + btsvelvetby 태기
❝ Trouble doesn't find us, we look for it. ❞ A day in the life of a worker at NEX broadcasting network isn't as boring as one would think. Different jobs. Different...
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Home by httpjoohyun
Homeby i r e n e
[ i n s t a g r a m s e r i e s #5 : ( b a n g t a n v e l v e t s e r i e s #4 : Bae Joohyun x Kim Taehyung ) ] "You are my home, love" Idol Series #1 [THIS S...
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 Mr. Gangsta  | Vrene by kookaboo
Mr. Gangsta | Vreneby I S H U
"I won't", He retreated his hand and looked at me intensely giving me a stern look. That was when floods of thought started coming inside my brain, making my e...
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celebrity secret hotline ※ taerene by softieseulgi
celebrity secret hotline ※ taereneby lol
" dear @ththth, meet @bunnybottoms." irene, leader of red velvet, worldwide sensation, joins a secret hotline, and finds comfort in a stranger.
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My Secretary Bae (Vrene) [13+] by JJRozalette
My Secretary Bae (Vrene) [13+]by JJRozalette
Irene, who really needs a job, got accepted as a secretary in one of the best design company called KTH Designs. Her boss, Kim Taehyung, who could finally fire his annoy...
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Just One Day (BTS V/Kim Taehyung) by nobodybaechu
Just One Day (BTS V/Kim Taehyung)by ♡
Bae Joohyun, or well-known as Irene, is a high school girl who apparently worked as a maid too. Unfortunately, she won't receive any money from working there. Irene was...
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One Meter Distance by apricotpeach
One Meter Distanceby apricotpeach
[TOGETHER, FROM NOW ON! // SPINOFF} - [A FEW CHAPTER PRIVATED] Pernikahan adalah perjanjian bodoh untuk mengikat dirimu pada seseorang, begitu pikir Bae Joohyun. Terutam...
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nights like this by aejiin
nights like thisby abbbbbbbbbie
model meets musician; instagram style. "on some nights like this, i can't help but think of us."
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for you ❥ vrene by worldluver
for you ❥ vreneby 배 주현 x 킴 태형
"I look at you, and I just love you, and it terrifies me. It terrifies me what I would do for you." ~ "I really want to kiss you right now." "Th...
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BTSVelvet One Shots Collection by SecretBxT
BTSVelvet One Shots Collectionby SilverStone
Don't worry love, all of this are not coincidence.
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<EDITING> The Truth Untold || Vrene by eugex06
The Truth Untold || Vreneby revelarmy
너에게 전하지 못한 진심. 너에게 그 말들을 못 말했어 아직도 후회를 한다... 제발, 지금이라도 말하게 줘... All the things I wanted to tell you but couldn't. I regret not telling you about it to this very day... P...
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The Bad Kissing Job by kasperity
The Bad Kissing Jobby milkmybanana
Vrene FF. All Irene ever wanted was to NOT be bothered by one of the most popular guy in school; Extremely arrogant, obnoxious and egocentric, that's him. Kim Taehyung ...
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Confession kth x bjh | Vrene by Baejoohyunnnnnn
Confession kth x bjh | Vreneby noirenenolife
What happens if he confess?? will he be accepted
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My Bae | Vrene by -taeyongie
My Bae | Vreneby kim ayn
(COMPLETED) With all the smiled that you brought me , I never thought that you could cause me many tears cuz why hurt someone who's only intentionally is to love you ? ...
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Forbidden To Love  by JAmaee_
Forbidden To Love by on hiatus: mαє
A royal love story of seven princes who were told to not fall in love, unless commanded to. Prince AU | BTS Started: February 3, 2018 Ended: --------------
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You Are The One | BTS V Fanfic by aclumsyfox
You Are The One | BTS V Fanficby aclumsyfox
"Love at first sight? Pft!" About a girl who once said she didn't believe in love because she had never seen one before. She didn't know that love wasn't for t...
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[EDIT] [VRENE] DẠY DỖ VỊ HÔN PHU by irislee26
Tác giả:Tiểu Yết Edit:letrangdk
Instagram | Irene x Taehyung ✔ by IntrnationalPlaygirl
Instagram | Irene x Taehyung ✔by 국제 블레이 걸
Inspired by goldenchipcookie 😍😘😇💕💞
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