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celebrity secret hotline ※ taerene by softieseulgi
celebrity secret hotline ※ taereneby lol
" dear @ththth, meet @bunnybottoms." irene, leader of red velvet, worldwide sensation, joins a secret hotline, and finds comfort in a stranger.
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sunny days || btsvelvet by softieseulgi
sunny days || btsvelvetby lol
who says you can't get puppy love in your 20s? a workof fiction by SOFTIESEULGI 2019-
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breathe by softieseulgi
breatheby lol
where seungwan is there to always remind hoseok to breathe, and vice versa.
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Broken •✔ P.JM × B.JH by ParkJimin629
Broken •✔ P.JM × B.JHby 박 지민- 박 이아린
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ARMYLUV REEL: Destiny At First Sight (VRene) by eyelinedpat
ARMYLUV REEL: Destiny At First eyelinedpat
A one-shot fanfic inspired by the lyrics of BTS' "DNA" featuring Vrene (V x Irene).
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Step Siblings | VRENE  by universeclipse
Step Siblings | VRENE by reveLUVarmy
+Despite having all the moments on stage,in real life they're actually a siblings,a step siblings.With no blood-related+ ∆ Taehyung Irene ∆ Slow update! Cover cr to @kry...
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LITTLE SACRIFICE (SEULMIN Fanfic) by Lady0fhearts07
LITTLE SACRIFICE (SEULMIN Fanfic)by Savannah Maria
For love, there isn't anything Kang Seulgi can't sacrifice. First it was her happiness. And now, she'd be giving away the most precious thing any celebrity ache for- pri...
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Say Goodbye (WENGA Fanfic) by Lady0fhearts07
Say Goodbye (WENGA Fanfic)by Savannah Maria
Short AU Angst where Yoongi hopes that seeing her again means a second chance to their magical tale, and Seunghwan believes that seeing him again means finally having a...
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BTS Velvet Oneshots by fnv0805
BTS Velvet Oneshotsby iWonderIfBangtanReadOurFFs
Oneshots, some based on their songs, some not. BangtanVelvet is the only ship I ship with all my heart. It's like seeing my children growing up and falling in love with...
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dating contract by adrestiaa
dating contractby a
•jungri -jungkook is a well adored idol. while yerim, she's just living her life normally in south korea. will they get along despite of the opposite dimension?
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