twenty seven

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little note: small mention of attempted sexual assult, but nothing happens. hope you enjoy :)

if you had asked any of the red velvet members who would be the last to ever get a significant other, joohyun would be their first pick. (followed by yerim according to sooyoung, but that comment resulted in a insult battle amongst the two maknaes)

although joohyun got her fair share of admirers and was constantly asked out, she had always declined them, a blunt 'no' from her often sent them away instantly.

she had never been afraid to speak up for herself, a lesson she learned from being too much of a pushover during debut, and sometimes, it scared even her members.

so no one believed it when she walked in to the living room the night before, announcing that she'd be having a sleepover with none other than kim taehyung.

it is safe to say that upon hearing joohyun's words, seulgi's eyes were the biggest they had been since birth, sooyoung almost hit the ceiling when she jolted, yerim almost woke the whole neighborhood with her piercing shriek and seungwan's jaw dropped so far down it took her brain a good minute to snap it shut.

she never realised how terrifying it would be.

as she is looking back, she realises how easy she had made it sound. heck, she fooled her members so well she ended up fooling herself.

seated on the edge of taehyung's bed, she is in the midst of contemplating all of her life choices that led up to this moment when a soft knock at the door brings her back to reality. a face peeks in the room, big shiny eyes and a small pout on his lips. joohyun grins a little out of habit.

"hey, i'm gonna go take a shower in jeongguk's room, so you can take yours here." taehyung says, joohyun nodding softly. "thank you." she replies, her voice fragile.

"are you okay?" taehyung asks, his eyebrows furrowed. joohyun beams, nodding more energetically. "really, im just a little woozy from all that alcohol just now. i'll be fine." she insists, taehyung eyeing her suspiciously.

"taehyung i'm fine! after a shower i'll be back to normal." she assures, taehyung nodding in defeat. "okay then. go shower quickly!" taehyung simpers, the door closing softly.

joohyun goes to lock it before she returns to her seat on his bed. sighing, she stares into space, her foot rapidly tapping against the ground.

she was (very visibly) extremely nervous, her palms were sweaty and her breathing ragged. she fumbled for her phone in the pockets of her jeans, pulling it out to call seungwan.

the line dialed for a couple of seconds before a very sleepy and dazed seungwan mumbled "hello."

"hey seungwan- random question, you've slept over at hoseok's before, right?" she nervously asks. "yeah, yeah of course. why?" seungwan yawns.

"how did it feel the first time?" "hmm. well," seungwan starts, "i was extremely nervous of course, but his presence did calm me down alot. it was really nice. we were in the middle of a conversation when i fell asleep." she giggles.

"really? did you shake alot? were you super super nervous?" joohyun asks, seungwan chuckling lightly on the other side. the crackly line fizzled her mirthy giggle, sending a small pang of homesickness through joohyun.

"why? you really, really nervous now?" seungwan teases, joohyun rolling her eyes. "mhm. i miss you guys, even though you're all super annoying." she admits, eliciting another mirthful chuckle out of seungwan.

"you can always tell him to send you home if you're uncomfortable.don't force yourself to do something you're not ready for. he's a really great guy, im confident he'll understand." "better than hoseok?" joohyun asks out of curiousity. "ha ha, very funny." seungwan sarcastically enunciates, eliciting a small grin on joohyun's face.

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