lil update💌

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hey! I know it's weird i only have one book, but I honestly have so many drafted stories and ideas and that's why I take sO long to update this book. But I've decided to finally post the first chapter of my new book, breathe! Its a wenhope fanfic, and even if you don't ship them, im hoping you would check it out anyways! I have a jungri ff, 2 seulmin ones and a couple more ideas waiting to be made into a ff. Breathe is about being there for someone, reminding then to breathe. It is a book about depression and overcoming it, so I hope you'll love it as much as I do! Im working on a new chapter for csh rn, and keep your eyes open for a new seulmin ff probably coming out soon ;)))

Thats all for now! Remember to help support my new book and give the first chapter a vote and probably leave a comment to tell me how it is? The chapter is pretty long, so I hope you'll read it all! Thank you for all your support and i love each and every single on of you. :)

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