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(hey y'all! Before I start I just wanted to give a small filler on what happened during they weren't together, it's not much but it's like a part two to the previous chapter so I hope you enjoy!)

taehyung stood in the terminal, his posture tired and his mind clouded. cameras flashed and blinked at them, murmurs and clicks filling the airport. he cocked his head to the side, his gaze directed directly at his suitcase. he held the handle loosely, fiddling with it as he swiveled it, watching the embezzled wheels spin around. his hand laid idly in his pocket, bottom lip tucked between his teeth.

"hyung!"  A sweet female voice called, taehyung immediately turning around. his eyes frantically searched for the source of the voice to be met with camera flashes. "hyung!" it  called again. there, in the distance, a pixie haired female with a sharpened jaw and striking piercings called again. "yah oppa! you win. I'll stop calling you hyung..." she mumbled as she grabbed onto a tall pudgy nosed man.

taehyung stumbled lightly, taken aback at how similar she sounded to bunny. "tae!" a deep voice called as he swiveled back, namjoon smiling at him. "let's go!" he called, taehyung nodding curtly as he jogged up to him, namjoon wrapping an arm on his shoulders.

"what were you thinking about so deeply that you didn't hear me call you?" he asked, taehyung's eyebrow slightly lifted at the sudden revelation. "you did? sorry, i must be a little tired." he apologized, namjoon ruffling his blonde locks in response.

namjoon released him as taehyung kept his head low.

entering the plane, he took his seat next to the window, jimin shuffling in next to him.

taehyung took no notice, immediately shoving his earphones in as he waited for the passengers to enter.

he stared out the window, the sky a murky grey. from the distance, buildings and apartment complexes of all shapes and sizes stood.

a sharp tap on his shoulder  snapped his attention away from the building and toward the source, jimin waving to a phone.

taehyung pulled his earphones out, jimin still smiling at the phone. "Say hi to ARMYs!" he chirruped, taehyung beaming as he waved and blew kisses toward the phone.

jimin ended the video shortly later, the two returning to their respective businesses. "tae you ready?" jimin asks, taehyung's eyebrow raising.

"well, I mean are you ready to go? I'm I guess- I dont know. Im excited but ill miss home." jimin mumbled, spilling the contents of his bucket of emotions out onto the floor of the plane.

"im gonna miss home too. and I'll miss alot of people as well." taehyung replied, laying a hand on jimin's arm.

"let's hurry up and go home soon, okay?" taehyung squeezed his bicep as jimin smiled.

"why do you wanna go home so fast though?" taehyung asked, jimin smiling at his phone. "Let's say I'm waiting for someone." he replied, looking up at the other boy.

"and you?" he asked in return. "Let's say we both have the same reasons." was his reply.



unnie! get up!" yerim harrumphed for the umpteenth time, flinging her little arms at joohyun who laid in her bed, unresponsive.

"get up!" she squealed, pulling the covers away. "mmm. go away." she mumbled, getting visibly annoyed by the second.

"c'mon, you told me to wake you up! something about the airport?" yerim whined, her tone equally as annoyed.

joohyun stirred at the mention of airport, her body instantly up as she jumped out, her hand instantly flinging to her phone.

"come to think of it, jungkook's flying today too." she mumbled to herself.

"come out and eat! seungwan unnie made porridge." yerim mumbled to her before leaving.

joohyun unlocked her phone,her fingers swift as they click on the app instantaneously.

she enters their chat log, and to no avail, a new message that happened to be sent that very morning appears.

@ththth: hey, I'm at the airport. I'll come back soon. See you.

chewing on her bottom lip, she bites back the feeling of her heart cracking, a feeling of pain seething through her.

"call me when you can, I'll really miss you. For real."

she replies, a sigh as she locks her screen, her phone dropping by her side with a muffled thud.

moments later, her phone vibrates with a familiar ring, her heart swelling.

she unlocks her phone, a new message on the screen.


ththth: I will. I promise. I'm gonna miss you like crazy too, so message me too okay?"


@ththth continued to message and call user @bunnybottoms for the entire duration of his time touring in Europe and America. The pair sincerely miss each other everyday.

And there we go! part 2 of the filler chapter! I'm honestly not that proud of it, it kinda sucks and I feel bad for publishing it but writer's block really suCKS IM SO SO SORRY I PROMISE NEXT COMING CHAPTERS GONNA BE GOOOOD. lately I've been reading peppermism aka literary genius' back to you which is a wenga fic and oml ju I'm at a loss for words bc it's so GOOD. AND I DONT EVEN SHIP WENGA SO IF YOU NEED ANYTHING TO CONVINCE YOU TO READ IT I HOPE MY TESTIMONY WILL. on other news I'm so sorry for not updating often, all my reads have gone drastically down the drain and I'm sad lol, but it's my fault anyways. I'll really try to update more often! and that's all! See you all in the next part💌 muah muah

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