Bodyguard; Seulrene by blackvelstaethics
Bodyguard; Seulreneby Charmaine (•ө•)
Just because Irene saw a crime with her own eyes she is being hunted. Body frozen when the gun pointed at her but a person appears and later on became her bodyguard. Kan...
  • irene
  • sonseungwan
  • baejoohyun
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Reboot | BTS × Red Velvet  by exlibrisantics
Reboot | BTS × Red Velvet by nicole💣
The beloved variety show 'Hello Baby' is getting a face lift. But what will happen when you mix kids with 2 idol groups?
  • irene
  • wendy
  • red
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Just Us - Seulrene by monophobics
Just Us - Seulreneby simon
Bae Joohyun, also known as Irene, recently transferred to SM High. What happens when she collides with Kang Seulgi, the most bad ass girl in school?
  • seulgi
  • highschool
  • seulrene
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[COMPLETED] Arranged Marriage +ⓚⓣⓗ, ⓑⓙⓗ by jjijushushi
[COMPLETED] Arranged Marriage +ⓚⓣⓗ 찌주슈시
Arranged in a marriage with a person she once called a stranger. Usually, people are not happy being in an arranged marriage. Bae Joohyun is one of them but not until th...
  • irene
  • wattys2018
  • baejoohyun
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btsvelvet vrene addiction by taebaechu43
btsvelvet vrene addictionby taebaechu43
WARNING 18+ scenes and smuts inappropriate pictures. irene is the hottest and the sexiest pure girl in school. taehyung has a thing for her he is the biggest bad boy of...
  • smuts
  • irene
  • taerene
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Why Me? (Vrene) : Lying About Feelings (COMPLETED) by JJRozalette
Why Me? (Vrene) : Lying About JJRozalette
Irene was Taehyung's best friend. She had ever fallen for him but he had a girlfriend who is Irene's friend. She tried to stop loving him but instead Taehyung starts to...
  • taehyung
  • vrene
  • btsvelvet
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Every bad boy needs a tamer. SOULVRENE © 2018
  • got7
  • wendy
  • jungko
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● Only You | Hunrene by Vangepark
● Only You | Hunreneby Vange Park
Pernah melihat duda hot dengan satu anak yang sangat lucu? Mari bertemu Sehun dan mendengar kisah cintanya. "Aku mencintaimu. Maukah kau membangun keluarga kecil...
  • hurt
  • sehun
  • romance
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In which a geek and a socialite finds happiness in each other's company.
  • kimtaehyung
  • fanfiction
  • bts
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Sherlock Preferences [BBC Show] by Dreamescape101
Sherlock Preferences [BBC Show]by Dreamescape101
BBC's Sherlock Preferences Requests Still Open! I DO NOT OWN SHERLOCK OR ITS CHARACTERS. Characters: Sherlock Holmes John Watson Jim Moriarty Greg Lestrade Mycrof...
  • ireneadler
  • mycroftholmes
  • jimmoriarty
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Behind the screen | bangtanvelvet by forevelarmy
Behind the screen | bangtanvelvetby ㅡjustjhee 🌸
The secrets hidden between Bangtan and RedVelvet, that fans wouldn't know of. A book of scenarios based on real events. Caution: This is still a fanfiction. Give it a ch...
  • irene
  • jin
  • suga
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Let Go | wenga by JAmaee_
Let Go | wengaby janna sy
What have you been up to lately? Who are you thinking of so far away? Life without you is really unbelievable. 050318 Cover by yours truly @saraengs
  • rm
  • irene
  • jimin
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Heist » Seulrene by okseulgi
Heist » Seulreneby v
With a promise and grand plan to save her falsely jailed father and his company, Kang Seulgi, a robber who's wanted and on the run breaks into Bae Irene's house in the m...
  • highschoolau
  • joy
  • wendy
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MINISKIRT ⇨ TAENNIE by taesmyoppa
but jennie, i'm not a bad boy i'm a fuck boy in which jennie decides to wear a miniskirt to school high school! taennie
  • taehyung
  • chaeyoung
  • innuendos
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btsvelvet; insta by kookyeoll
btsvelvet; instaby bbh
When a bored jungkook somehow ends up in the Instagram account of the sweetest and prettiest girl he's ever seen. •Other ships added• Btsvelvet - Bangtanvelvet. I ship...
  • hoseok
  • jimin
  • irene
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Twice Highschool Host Club (Twice x reader) by Shirei01
Twice Highschool Host Club ( .✿•Nayeon•✿.
I just made the wrong decision thats the first thing came into my mind when I enter this club but now I realize that its a good decision that I meet this wonderful 9 gir...
  • momoland
  • hoshi
  • redvelvet
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[WenRene- Chính văn Hoàn] "Chị vất vả nhiều rồi" by GinIsASnake
[WenRene- Chính văn Hoàn] "Chị vấ GinIsASnake
"... nhưng chị vẫn là niềm tự hào của riêng em." Tác giả: GinIsASnake Thể loại: Fanfic, Bách hợp, WenRene :)) Nhân vật: Tôn Thừa HoanxBùi Châ...
  • joohyun
  • irenewendy
  • baejoohyun
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red city | nct, rv.  by dellicate
red city | nct, rv. by ™
#2 | ❝ mirror mirror on the wall, who's the culprit of them all? ❞ highest rank (updated) #36 on m/t POSTED: 12.17.17 STARTED: 12.17.17 ENDED: 00.00.00 ©dellicate bc: mo...
  • jaehyun
  • wattys2018
  • nct
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Peasant (Zane X Reader) - {COMPLETED} by Vulpixal
Peasant (Zane X Reader) - { Vulpixal
"The beauty of love isn't the physical aspect, but the mental one that infinitely reminds you that even when you break, they'll hold you until you're fixed." ...
  • fanfiction
  • okasis
  • diaries
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