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Brat [CB#5]  | kth | completed by MinSugaBabyBoo
Brat [CB#5] | kth | completedby Min Yoongi's Aegyo Insfires M...
Her job is to make his life miserable. His job is to make her submit. Whose heart will surrender first? Across the country, rebellious BDSM submissives are being systema...
  • lisa
  • namjoon
  • jin
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Speedy | Irene FF by WhileATeen
Speedy | Irene FFby 시에나리
Irene x Female Reader All rights reserved to WhileATeen. This story may not be published onto any other site. #8 in baejoohyun (22 Nov. '18) #7 in baejoohyun (11 Dec. '...
  • joy
  • baejoohyun
  • lisa
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Twice Highschool Host Club (Twice x reader) by Shirei01
Twice Highschool Host Club ( ㄴ💖🐰나💗ㄱ
I just made the wrong decision thats the first thing came into my mind when I enter this club but now I realize that its a good decision that I meet this wonderful 9 gir...
  • nayeon
  • mina
  • dahyun
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SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGINES by choiheeeyoung
Some social media edits for BTSVELVET. posting them here so it won't go on waste. No plot, just plainly fake updates. Translations are from Google Translate.
  • bts
  • jhope
  • irene
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Irene Oneshots by BlackHood234
Irene Oneshotsby Mr. BlackHood
most of these oneshots were male so im sorry if you want a girl, just think like use your imagination hope you like this book
  • irene
  • oneshot
  • redvelvet
bad boy next door ; vrene 거짓 사랑 by Cyeol_61
bad boy next door ; vrene 거짓 사랑by Cyeol_61
Bae Joohyun, The beautiful heiress of Bae family's fashion company. Everyone loves her because of her intelligence and her hardworking face, but despite of that,she has...
  • hiddengems
  • bts
  • badboy
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miniskirt. by JIROSIE-
#7 𝐬 𝐚 𝐧 𝐚
but jennie, i'm not a bad boy i'm a fuck boy in which jennie decides to wear a miniskirt to school taennie. rankings: #7 in taennie #7 in blackpink #14 in crackfic #1...
  • oncrack
  • blackpink
  • taehyung
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Sugar Mommy by ddeulgiconic
Sugar Mommyby 슬린
Just a Seulrene fanfic.
  • irene
  • fanfiction
  • redvelvet
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Bring It || BangtanVelvet by PySha1002
Bring It || BangtanVelvetby BB&RV
Cold Red Velvet meet Playful Bangtan Boys = Playful BangtanVelvet Started : 18/01/2017 Finished : --/--/---- The photos not mine, credit to the owner :)
  • seulmin
  • seulgi
  • jungri
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Seulrene Oneshots by seulreneswhore
Seulrene Oneshotsby 마이
fluff, angst, smut, repeat, that's basically it🔁.
  • angst
  • seulgi
  • fluff
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Why hide that beautiful smile? | Jensoo | by BPLuckyOne
Why hide that beautiful smile? | BPLuckyOne
A new transfer student piqued Jennie's curiousity. Carrying a dark past, she hides a beautiful smile very well. Jennie was determined to take on that challenge...
  • chaelisa
  • gxg
  • chaeyoung
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fanstagram.  by yermturtle
fanstagram. by <rv3
in which a fan meets yerim through her fan account. instagram format started 181214 highest rankings: #1 in rv!!!!! #2 in yerim and #1 in kyr !!
  • fanstagram
  • wendy
  • rv
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"BLACKPINK 5TH MEMBER ! BYUN LEE-SEUL !" ~~ Currently editing the chapters by @borabear287 Cover by @puggiemochis Ended : [ 27/09/18 ]✔ Again newly started...
  • blackpink5thmember
  • ongseungwoo
  • taemin
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Emotionless (Jenlisa) by itsLiNi23
Emotionless (Jenlisa)by Kimban
(Ongoing) [3rd Book to Publish] What will happen if Ruby Jane, finally met the person who has Emotionless Syndrome?
  • blackpink
  • blackvelvet
  • gxg
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Vjoy-Our Little Secret  by Btsvelvet98
Vjoy-Our Little Secret by Btsvelvet 98
He thinks that she's got the brightest smile in this world. She feels he is the person she's happiest with. But in their world of fame and stardom will they always be...
  • jimin
  • red
  • redvelvet
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Sherlock Preferences [BBC Show] by Dreamescape101
Sherlock Preferences [BBC Show]by Dreamescape101
BBC's Sherlock Preferences (Some Imagines Included!) Requests Closed (For Now) I DO NOT OWN SHERLOCK OR ITS CHARACTERS. Characters: Sherlock Holmes John Watson Jim M...
  • ireneadler
  • mycroft
  • preferences
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The Office: Weirder by 2JWrites
The Office: Weirderby 2JWrites who will save your W...
Netflix-ийн The Office цувралаас сэдэвлэн бүтээсэн mockumentary, comedy өгүүллэг Дүрүүд: Heechul, Hani, Amber Liu, BTS, KARD, TxT, Twice, SinB, Jackson, Irene, ChungHa...
  • mgl
  • bts
  • amber
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HAYWIRE | x b.jh [END] by LilyWhalien
HAYWIRE | x b.jh [END]by LilyWhalien
She bought a ticket to escape the trouble that has tortured her for years, only to find herself getting tangled with a new one. •kth x bjh •starts on : 7 / 28 /18
  • jungkook
  • bts
  • fanfic
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The Sugar Daddy by domieclare
The Sugar Daddyby DomiEclare
Seorang namja sudah terlihat biasa dengan kekayaan dan yeoja-yeoja di sekitarnya. Termasuk dengan tiga orang namja yang mendapat julukan sebagai seorang sugar daddy. Mer...
  • fanfiction
  • redvelvet
  • ffsnsd
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LOVE AT LAST SIGHT | VRene by LilyWhalien
LOVE AT LAST SIGHT | VReneby LilyWhalien
After Joohyun found out she's only got a few years max to live, she set out on a job hunting spree that pays high salary- so she could fulfill her bucket list before she...
  • bangtan
  • lovestory
  • taehyung
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