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"we're home!" yerim yelled as she plopped down on the couch where joohyun was. "hey unnie." she called as she plopped down next to her.

"oh hey." joohyun smiled softly as her face tightened. "what's wrong?" sooyoung asked as joohyun waved her off with a scowl. "nothing. don't worry, go sleep now, it's so late. I shouldve called you earlier." joohyun nagged as she shoved the two into their room, closing the door behind them. and with arms crossed, she made her way back to the living room and plopped back onto the sofa. sitting down, she sighed as she looked at her phone.

It was incredibly late. and yet he hadn't answered yet. @ththth. she sighed as she let the last sliver of hope slip down the drain.

and as she was about to completely give up, he replied. she fumbled for her phone as her ears perked at the sound of her notification. beaming, she relaxed her posture as a small pout appeared on her face.

"hey." he texted. "wanna call?" joohyun sent as the familiar call screen popped up.

"hey." she started. she heard him smile against the screen as she blushed faintly. "hey. how was your day?" he asked as she heard him fumble around, before settling down into a soft chair, most likely his bed.

"hmmm. waiting for you to reply was how I spent it. why?" she asked as she heard his awkwardly chuckle through the line.

"sorry, today I went out with my member. was a third wheel." he breathed out casually. joohyun blinked back.

"oh, was it fun?" she asked as he chuckled and told her about his day. joohyun smiled at the encounters and happenings in his life. when asked about hers, she briefly explained her day at home cleaning, eventually gushing about the new softener she purchased.

"oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for rambling." taehyung chuckled. in fact, he thought it was cute. how she found small things so exciting, like the lighting in the early dawn, when her dorm is quiet and she can just breathe out in relief. how she is happy when she finishes ironing the last shirt and tucks it in.

He felt relieved to strip his day off and share it with her, it felt as if he was relieving a stress long overdue. like stretching in the morning when you wake up, or relaxing after a long day at work.

chuckling, he beamed in response. "I love your small bouts of happiness where you gush about these small things, bunny."

Her cheeks tinted a light red, she cleared her throat as she tried to stop her heart from vibrating in her chest.

"so, did you have fun with her?" joohyun quietly asked, her heart shaking with curiosity, fear and a mixture of bitter anxiety.

"hmmm. she's cool I guess, very wild, bold. but honestly she's not exactly my ideal type. I do think I like a member of her group though." taehyung replied.

"o-oh I see. well I hope you get with her!" she unenthusiastically mumbled. taehyung smiled against the screen as he opened his mouth to reply.

"it'd be nice, but I wouldn't risk it. I wouldn't want her to get hate, and besides, I don't think she's interested in anybody."

"try your luck, ththth. you honestly never know." she cheered. he beamed as he chuckled.

"also, one request, can you give me a nickname?" taehyung brought up. "what?" joohyun replied in confusion. "not anything specific, but like, isn't it awkward to keep calling me ththth?" joohyun was silent.

"aha! I knew it!" taehyung cheered. "ok but I was just trying to be nice. what do you want to be called?" joohyun asked as taehyung hummed in thought.

"hyung?" taehyung mumbled. "y-you seriously want to be called hyung?" joohyun sarcastically gawked. "I like it." he defended.

joohyun let out a sigh of defeat as she opened her mouth and shut it, repeating it for a good few seconds.

"hey hy-hyung." joohyun shyly blushed as his deep chuckle rumbled through her, rattling her bones, her face bright crimson.

"anyways bunny. I think it's time to sleep. " taehyung mumbled after another hour or two of casual conversations, blushing cheeks and fluttering hearts. truth told, he didn't want to leave her. but he knew it was time, and so did she.

It seemed like an eternity to others, a couple of hours on the phone, but to the both of them, it was nothing but a few moments away from the stressful life, they felt like they ran away to utopia together, truth be told they were two strangers, but they never felt closer to anyone else.

pouting, joohyun nodded. "goodnight then. tomorrow same time?" she asked as he smiled. "sure. goodnight bunny."

she smiled softly before her lips parted and she slowly murmured a goodnight.

the air thickened as his voice faded from her phone. she decided that she should sleep at that very moment while his smile and goodnight was still in her mind, she couldn't bear sleeping without his coaxing words.


sooyoung was quiet. she was on her bed, seated on the ledge and she hadn't changed.

yerim started unbuttoning her blouse before noticing the older's blank stare.

pursing her lips, she crossed her arms and shifted her weight to her left. "unnie." she mumbled.

sooyoung didn't reply, but after a good 10 seconds she finally snapped back to reqlity and glanced back at yerim.

"why? what's wrong?" yerim asked as she threw her blouse to the ground and started to remove her bra.

"yah rim ah." sooyoung mumbled. "hmm?" a half naked yerim replied.

"is it weird that...I might actually like him?" sooyoung asked as she glanced back to yerim, who was stripping her skinny jeans off.

"who?" yerim asked as she stretched her legs and waddled around. sooyoung turned silent.

yerim yanked her panties off as she threw them all into a neat basket in the corner.

"taehyung. I think, there's the slightest chance that I might have feelings for him."


"I know it's stupi-"

"what's actually stupid is the fact you had to tell me this when I was naked."

"shut up and get in the shower before I start snapping shots and sending them to junglebook."

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