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"woah." taehyung mumbled under his breath as he stepped out the vehicle, his eyes instantly falling onto joohyun. jungkook spared a glance toward their direction before nudging taehyung, signalling for the man to walk.

they watched secretly as the girls walked into the hall, leaving them with reporters and screaming fans.

"gguk it's your girl." jimin teased, a coy smirk on his face as he nudged the younger man softly once they were out of sight from the bright flashes and clicks of the cameras.

he merely nodded in response, his posture lax and his teeth sunken into his bottom lip. nonetheless, his ears tinged the slightest dust of baby pink as his pace fastened.

his actions left jimin flustered, as he turned to taehyung, his eyebrow furrowed as he cocked his head slightly.

"they had a small argument back when we were in canada, nothing big but you know gguk and yerim. they won't back down." taehyung replied to jimin's unasked question, jimin's lips forming an 'o' as they walked on without another word.

"what about you? where's your girl?" taehyung asked, jimin humming in response. "she told me she's got a schedule, she's coming later I think, and she's not my girl, not yet at least..." he mumbled towards the end as taehyung shot a sympathetic smile.

"BTS! please come this way, I'll show you to your seats." a nearby staff with a clipboard in hand smiled as he fumbled for the pen in his hand. ticking off things, he walked forward, the boys trailing behind him shortly.

"right this way, all the way to the end. refreshments will be under your seats, and the pamphlets will be in the pocket of the seat in front of you, feel free to grab one. enjoy the show." he finished with a quick bow as he walked off.

the boys sat down quickly, scanning the environment. the hall was large and spacious, large chandeliers hung from the ceiling as their crystalline glow reflected onto the walls of the room. rows of the same chiffon seats lined the hall, all facing the big stage where the MC stood, talking softly to the staff as he fixed his bowtie. celebrities started to fill the hall as staff all around directed them to their seats.

a staff member with beefy arms stepped out onto the stage, tapping into the microphone.

"attention please, right now we will be turning off all cameras for about 20 minutes, so go ahead and chat with one another, but after fifteen minutes we urge you to return to your respective seats. thank you." he mumbled awkwardly as he left with a quick bow.

seokjin glanced back, smiling to himself as he sat back down, nudging hoseok slightly. "there, red velvet. third row from us. wanna go?" he mused to the younger man. "namjoon, we're going to red velvet, we'll be back, okay?" hoseok informed as namjoon nodded. "be back in ten." he reminded as the pair left toward the direction of the girls.

"hyung, nature's call." taehyung chimed in, namjoon nodding as he gets up and walks in the direction of the bathroom.

meanwhile, jungkook sunk deeper into his seat, visible frown etched into his face as he steals on last glance at yerim.


"seungwan!" hoseok called with a toothy grin as the girl raised her head at the mention of her name, a smile equally as bright on her face. "hey hoseok!" she called in return.

standing up, she gave the man a hug as she looked up at him. "damn how was tour?" she asked as she sat down, wiggling to the side to make space for him. "tiring." he chimed. "oppa." yerim called as hoseok turned towards her. "yo myemim." he called as he gave the younger girl a high five. "how has jungkook been?" she asked timidly, hoseok cooing in response. "ooh myemim! I suggest you ask him yourself."

yerim merely scrunched her nose up, giving the older man a light punch on his arm. chuckling, he faked a hurt expression, hiding behind seungwan as she mused at the two's actions, chuckling at how well they got along.

"seungwan, I'm gonna go to the restroom for a bit okay? my hands feel a bit clammy." joohyun mumbled as seungwan scrunched her eyebrows.

"want me to come?" she asks, worry etched in her tone. "no need for that, just a bit nervous. plus you have hoseok. I'll be back." she assured as seungwan nodded.

"oh hey grandpa." sooyoung called, waving jin over. "yo piggy." jin chimed in, giving a quick bow to the rest of the members who returned the action. "sit down." she mumbled, making space for him as she lightly patted the seat next to her. he sat down hesitantly, but relaxed soon after.

"oh yeah, this isn't from me but, where's seulgi?" jin asked. "speak of the devil. hey unnie, schedule finished?" sooyoung mused, her attention diverted to the incoming member. "oh, hello." she bowed towards jin, who gave her a smile.

"yeah, it finished early." she giggled, fixing her hair. "oh! please sit!" jin mumbled, standing up as seulgi pushes him back down by his shoulders. "nah, it's fine." she replied, shaking her head.

"oho gramps, why don't you ever treat me like that?" sooyoung snorted, pouting as she shone her big puppy eyes at the man. seokjin merely rolled his eyes in response.

"oh yeah unnie, I think your presence is needed somewhere, he's been staring at you for some time now, probably since you walked in." sooyoung nudged at seulgi as she pointed towards bts' seats, an overeager jimin blushing at the sight of seulgi, lightly waving at her.

seulgi merely giggled in response, her cheeks flushing a familiar shade of crimson as she walks over to the younger man.

meanwhile, sooyoung catches sight of taehyung, feeling her heart jolt as she looks away, flustered. "hey piggy, you okay?" seokjin chimes, breaking sooyoung out of her temporary trance. "huh? o-oh yeah, yeah I'm fine." she replies nonchalantly, nervously giggling as she continues her conversation.

"attention, attention please. we ask of you to return to your seats, the cameras will start rolling soon." the same beefy man stated after a while, sooyoung waving jin goodbye as seulgi returns, a flaming red spreading to the tips of her ears as her lips spread into a smile.

seungwan meanwhile waves hoseok away, the latter looking like a kicked puppy as he waves her goodbye without stopping until he reaches his seat.

"wan, where's unnie?" seulgi asks as she does a headcount. "she said she's in the restroom." she replies, seulgi nodding as she eases into the cushion, stealing glances at a blue haired boy every few seconds.

"joon where's tae?" hoseok asks once he returned, namjoon pointing to the direction of the bathroom, a blonde haired boy exiting with a lady following behind before they split paths.

"tae, what took you so long?" hoseok asks once he returned to his seat. "huh? oh. I guess I got caught up." he replied, a cheeky smile on his face as he turns back to steal a glance at joohyun.

"unnie, finally. I know you take years but seriously that was so long. what did you do?" seungwan asked, joohyun humming. "nothing." she replied, a growing smile on her face as she looks at taehyung.

a.n. jeez I hate this chap so much sjsjsjsj I hope you enjoy it! I'm sorry if it's mediocre, it's really boring... next chapter's the big one, so I hope you guys stay for that! I think I'll be finishing this book soon, so I wanna say thank you to all of you. :) I have more vrene projects, but I have a seulmin fic coming next! so I hope you can give that support once it's out :)))

thank you all! mwah💞

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