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joohyun is trembling, the tips of her fingers ice cold, her knees wobbly and cheeks numb.

"right now?" his deep voice churned. she hummed in response. "i live nearby."

the line went silent, she felt uncomfortable, tension thick on her shoulders as she felt her fingers drumming faster and faster, she parted her lips to take back her words when-

"sure." his voice croaked on the other line. her eyes widened, stomach churning as she bit back a squeal. "i'll be the top of the bridge in 15, see you then hyung." and before she could hear his reply, she ended the call, the pad of her thumb smacking her screen violently over and over.

she locks her screen, tossing her phone across the bed lightly. she sits up slowly, her knees slinking up to her chest as she wrapped her small arms around them.

"what did i just do..." she mumbles to herself, her hands tangling themselves in her dark locks as she tugged roughly. she groans for a second before she swings her body to the side, her feet meeting the lacquered wooden floor.

she wavers for a second, her mind muddled and messy. she presses her fingers against her warm temples, rubbing them as she attempts to sort through what had just happened.

joohyun was a logical person. she thought things through carefully, processing each word before they came out of her mouth. yet the second she blurted to meet up with him, her brain had not processed the consequences, did not weigh the pros and cons but immediately pushed out he command. ultimately, it was a mistake to joohyun.

realising there is nothing she can do but accept reality, she stands up, stumbling slightly as her hand grips her bedpost. she fingers the strap of her peachy toned top as she takes in her outfit.

she is donned in a peachy, frilled knit tank top, polkadotted pajama pants and grey socks.

her face scrunches up as she tsks, feet lightly thumping against the wooden floor as she walks over to her white dresser.

squatting, she tugs at the gold encrusted knobs as the drawer slides opens with a muffled shuffling creak. fingers skimming the choices, her lips jut out as her eyebrows knit together.

"will this work?" she mumbled, pulling out a thin striped blouse. aligning it with her body, she walks over to the mirror, eyebrows furrowed.

"why did i even buy this?" her nose crinkles as she tosses the blouse on the floor, stalking over to her dresser once more.

she resorts to pulling out random assortments of clothing, as if it was raining clothes, down came a pair of jeans that didn't fit her ass, a shirt from high school too small for her bust, a sweater too thin for the current weather. they peppered the floor around her as she groans, eventually pulling on the clothes she had originally worn.

"what the heck, why don't i have clothes?" she mutters under her breath, her eyes glancing towards the sleek brown clock on the wall to her right.

her eyes widen as she realises she has under 10 minutes to get to han river. joohyun never panics, even when late, she stays calm and composed. but at that moment, she seemed to be a whole different person. she shoved the drawer shut, the rollers clattering loudly. she jolted up, grabbing her cap, round glasses and face mask before she turned around and bolted towards the door.

she shoves her feet into slippers, hastily writing a note just in case anyone was looking for her, slapping it on the silver refrigerator with a magnet from slovenia, and left her dorm.

her slippers slapping against the hallway of her dorm, she runs towards the elevator, finger repeatedly hitting the button. the elevator opened with a ding as she entered, panting as she watched the doors close.

her eyes stare at the numbers, fingers drumming against the railing inside the elevator as her eyes dart towards the mirror opposite her.

groaning slightly at the sight of her outfit, she pulls the hat over her head, slipping the glasses on before adjusting the straps of the face mask behind her ears, pulling the mask so it rested just below her chin.






the elevator doors open as she hurries out, the building disappearing from view slowly. she reaches inside the pocket of her pants, rummaging for her phone before she stops abruptly. she pats herself down, eyes wide open as she bit back a groan. "shit, i left my phone on my bed." she muttered underneath her breath. nonetheless, she doesn't stop running.

familiar roads enter her view, as she followed the dark cobbled walkway on the side. her thighs are burning, as she stops for a second, and the sudden realization of how cold it is hits her.

she rubs her arms before she resumes running, half of her effort to make it on time, the other half so she doesn't freeze off.

han river enters her line of view, and joohyun almost squeals in joy. hopping up the steps to the bridge, she spots a masked figure, seated with his hands in his pockets.

his long legs were crossed, as the streetlight above him illuminated his figure, soft elongated shadows looming in front of him.

her heart skipped a few beats, fuzzy feeling wrapping around it. she felt ticklish and yet at the same time, she went like she was walking on a tightrope.

she went closer, her slippers crunching the dry leaves along the paved walkway.

every step she took, she felt her heart drumming louder and louder. she was terrified. "what the hell am i doing." she mumbles, her feet halting. she is conflicted, in a battle between her conscience and heart. she was already resisting the urge to run up to him and wrap her arms around his waist, and yet she wanted nothing to do with him, to turn back, delete the app and go back to soju and sleeping pills. if she wasn't mistaken, she kept them in her bottom drawe-

"HEY BUNNY!" a familiar voice called, her train of thought dissipating.

the voice was obviously deep, warmth enveloping his tone but at the same time, a familiar girth of anxiety laced it as well. his words calmed her again, her breathing less sporadic and rigid, and more calm and regular. because it wasn't just joohyun. hyung was also nervous.

as if his words had caught her in a trance, she waved slowly, her feet resuming it's painfully slow pace towards him.

her feet stops, a feet or two away, the sound of dry leaves crunching drawing to a halt.

he is tall, his eyes filled with wonder, moonlight spilling from his dark orbs.
she stared at them, as if they held the mere universe. his limbs were lean and long, his long trenchcoat accenting his long legs.

he smiled, or thats what she presumed. his eyes crinkled into crescent moons and she could tell by his cheeks puffing up slightly. she smiled briefly in return before he pulled a hand out of his pocket, and raised it in front of her.

"hello bunny." his deep voice echoed. she nipped her bottom lip, her eyes falling on his hand before they flickered back to his glinting orbs.

timidly, she stuck her hand out, clasping her cold, frail hands in his veiny long ones.

"hello hyung."


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