side story 1

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"jeongguk, just talk to her!" jimin harrumphed, pouting at bts' maknae. "i want to!" he tugged at his scalp, his chocolate locks grasped inbetween his fingers.

"jeongguk, just talk to her. trust me. your relationship is more important than your pride. ill go with you, how about that?" jimin suggested.

"hyung, you just wanna see seulgi noona...why havent you started dating her already anyways?" he asked, jimin nervously chuckling as he scratches his nape out of habit.

"i'll go if you ask her out." jeongguk smirked, his eyebrows raising as jimin's eyes widened. "wha- you're actually crazy." he stated, turning to the front.

"why not? it's extremely obvious she likes you too." jeongguk sighed.

"for the nth time, i dont wanna risk it!" jimin retorted, whining as he kicked his feet around. "look, even taehyung went over." jeongguk persisted, puppy eyes gleaming.

"shut up you idiots, they're coming." hoseok snapped, the two younger boys instantly stopping.

"hey girls! you guys were awesome!" hoseok beamed, imitating their shark fin dance as the girls chuckled light heartedly, their heels clicking on the floor as they came closer to the boys. seungwan pulled hoseok in for a hug as the others hollered, the pair's ears bright red as they pulled away.

seulgi was looking down at her feet, sneaking light glances at a shy jimin, who meanwhile, was staring at seulgi openly. his cherry lips were spread agape as he took in seulgi's outfit. sooyoung eyed them warily, a sour expression painted on her pretty face.

seokjin took notice, a frown encapsulating his peachy lips as his eyebrows furrowed. "piggy, you okay?" he asked, stepping closer to the younger girl as he placed his hands on her shoulders. she looked away, glancing upward as she blinked hard. "sooyoung are you okay?" seulgi asked, sooyoung smiling it off. "do you wanna go home first?" seungwan asked, a hand rubbing the younger girl's back softly.

"im fine." she chuckled nervously, her glassy eyes never once meeting the worried gaze seokjin had. "park sooyoung, look at me." he ordered, the girl's eyebrows furrowing. her lips trembled, a habit she had when she was on the verge of tears, her hands shaking lightly. "follow me." seokjin mumbled, pulling her away from the rest.

meanwhile, yerim who hid behind sooyoung was revealed, her unamused gaze directed toward her fingers as she stared at her manicure, a dazed expression on her face.

yoongi kicked jeongguk on his ass, the latter yelping as he rubbed his tush rather sorely. as he shot daggers at the older man, he merely sighed and glanced at yerim, who seemed to not have notice anything was happening. "go talk to her or else i'm locking you out tonight." yoongi mouthed, jeongguk nodding, his fingers forming an 'ok'.

he inched toward the girl, her gaze still very much unamused. "yerim...could you please follow me?" he mumbled, the girl nodding curtly with an air of indifference as she walked forward, the boy trailing after her.

"yah kang seul! stop staring at the boy and go talk to him you big baby!" seungwan mumbled, breaking seulgi out of her reverie. "im not staring at him!" she blurted, jimin's ears pink as he scratched his nape nervously, the rest of his members cooing.

"ooh jiminie~" they chorused, jimin slapping their arms weakly in return. he wouldnt admit it openly, but he did enjoy when seulgi stared at him.

"anyways, seulgi; the love of my life, would you care to join us for dinner?" hoseok asked, a hand winding around seungwan's waist as the members gasped in shock.

"you guys are dating?" seulgi shrieked, her eyes jutting out of their sockets. "i think it's pretty obvious by now, but yeah." seungwan nonchalantly replied, her hand snaking around hoseok's waist in return, a bright simper painted on her face.

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