twenty four

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the light breeze tickled her cheeks, her hair flowing around in the wind. she leaned against the metal railing, taking in the beauty of the stars twinkling brightly against the velvety night sky. she lowered her gaze, reveling in how the seoul city lights glimmered obnoxiously.

she glanced back, eyes meeting with an unconscious taehyung, snoring softly on the couch. he hugged an empty soju bottle to his chest, his feet curled up together.

she left the open balcony, steps light as she tip-toed over to taehyung, easing onto the floor next to him. she took in his features, the mole on his nose, his pink cheeks flush against honey skin. his eyelashes, long and straight dusted over, his pink lips plump and smooth. her gaze trailed down to the curve of his jaw, the way his adam's apple curved all the way down to his chest, covered by a thin white shirt.

his dark hair splayed across his forehead, and she moved it up, combing his locks between her fingers as it flopped back down. a small smile rose up on her lips.

she stroked his head, eyes focused on him. she couldn't help but simper the entire time, the way his soft snores emanated from him, the rise and fall of his chest. he had a charismatic flair to him when he was awake, his charm oozing from his mere gaze, yet the pure, innocent aura emanating from him when he was sleeping intrigued her.

she snickered at the sight of the soju bottle in his arms, gently tugging it out of his arms. she cleaned up the table, putting the leftovers in takeaway boxes. walking over to the other side of the room, she grabbed the stack of japanese mangas from the island counter, neatly replacing it onto the coffee table.

she walked over to the room jimin and seulgi entered, faint murmurs and giggles emanating from behind the door.

she knocked gently, once, twice. the giggles stopped. "jimin? seul?" she asked softly, faint footsteps on the other side as the door opened, jimin appearing infront of her looking visually disheveled, his lips swollen. she ignored it.

"hey, uh... do you have a spare blanket? i dont think i should enter taehyung's room." she asked, jimin nodding. "yea, sure. one sec-" he paused, leaving the door slightly open.

she heard pacing around the room, and a few moments later jimin opened the door, a patterned comforter in his arms. "here you go noona, can you carry that?" he asked, scratching his nape.

"yea, im good. sorry for interrupting you guys." she apologised, jimin shaking his head as he gave her a reassuring smile. "no, no! it's okay noona, you didn't interrupt." he said, joohyun smiling in return.

"we gotta leave in about half an hour though, we have a schedule ahead tomorrow." joohyun frowned. she noticed the way jimin's eyes dulled slightly. "yea, i'll finish it up with seulgi noona here. thanks." he smiled, joohyun waving goodbye as he closed the door.

she pivoted, walking back to the couch where taehyung was. she draped the comforter on him, tucking him in. she moved his bangs out of his forehead before she walked off to the side, yawning.

"noona?" his raspy voice croaked. joohyun felt her heart palpitate, pounding against her chest. her cheeks flushed, a familiar zing of electricity jolting though her nerves.

"yea?" she asked, turning around. taehyung's eyes were half open, blinking slowly as she noticed the way they creased, a smile forming on his lips.

he then frowned, his eyebrows furrowing. "were you leaving?" he asked quietly. "no, not yet." she replied, walking over to him as she sat down on the floor, staring up into his glassy orbs.

she noted the familiar wisps of starlight in them, the same ones that encapsulated her when they first met.

"why?" she asks, taehyung shifting his body, sitting up slowly. "hmm. your presence makes me feel warm." he giggled, his hair sticking up. joohyun blushed.

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