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yall let it flop so im just gonna answer some common questions mostly abt this fic that i came up with bc no one asked me anything lol

whats the schedule?
once a week. depends on my mood tbh

writing style?
read alot of fanfics, and then go to thesaurus and gain knowledge, then start writing lmao

how tf u come up with ur chapter titles?
yall this be exposing myself but i literally put a random ass title thats not slightly even related to the chapter while im writing and then when im done i publish without  changing the titles lmao

fav fanfics?
all works by @jjk-kyr (@kingsglaive), peppermism, Dibsondivs, pasteldna, LilyWhalienl lol i got a whole lot more but im just a fat hoe and fangirl of these writers (give them some love bc they deserve it)

inspiration for the book?
yall it came to mind while i was preparing to sleep and i wrote the draft and ended up not sleeping till 2 hrs later lmao i was so tired the next day but it was worth it hehe

your personal bio?
yall call me 'authornim' but ppl irl call me jess and im a regular chinese gorl attending high school and literally no one knows abt my secret obsession with btsvelvet but my sister lol

tips for fancy writing?
read your dictionaries. im kidding, read alot of poetry, you'll get the gist of it soon.

for rv i dont have a 'bias' per se, but i guess seulgi would count. bts is jihope, but namjin nd taehyung wrecking the bias list lately. i got a whole lot of other groups but thats nOT THE MAIN POINT HERE

k thats it fools next chap coming out next week

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