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"damn i wonder what time it is..." joohyun mumbled under her breath. the opalescent moon was still glowing dimly against the velvety dark cerulean and cobalt of the night sky, yet she feared streaks of bright vermilion would soon engulf the night.

she stood in front of her door, fingertips grazing the lock of her dorm's door. she silently unlocked it, slipping in inaudibly.

turning around, she almost yelps in mock surprise at the sheer sight of sooyoung, seated with crossed arms and a nonchalant gaze burning holes through the tv opposite the leather patented couch she sat atop.

"sooyoung, why are you still awake?" joohyun asks, worry lacing her tone. sooyoung is silent for a moment, before reality gripped her back. her gaze lifting towards joohyun, she blinked back in unenthusiastic surprise.

"huh? oh, i couldnt sleep. why did you go out?" she replies truthfully with a nonchalant tone laced around her voice. paired with her equally distracted gaze, she looked and acted as if were the most orthodox thing in the world, her gaze piercing through the older girl.

"oh, i went for a brisk walk. i couldnt sleep either." she replied, the sugary deceit glossing over her sanguine hued lips. a small smile coloured her milky face, sooyoung tugging her right lip up in response.

"i'll, go sleep first i guess.. goodnight unnie." sooyoung's fickle voice gasped, her voice suddenly out of breath and her gaze returning to it's clouded blur.

sooyoung clamored up, stumbling lightly towards her room as her door shut with a muffled click.

joohyun sighed, shimmying out of his coat. she held it in front of her, a smile decorating her opal face. she held it to her face, the smell of his woody musk tingling her nose.

with a gleaming cheshire grin, she made her way into her room, foot lightly kicking the door shut on the way.

she dropped his coat on her bed, her dainty body following suffice a moment after.

body limp on the soft material of her duvet, she crumpled like a paper doll beneath it. holding his coat to her chest, she held the cuff up to her face, breathing in the scent of his laundry detergent lightly hidden beneath his faint cologne.

she relaxed under the warmth of her bed, her mind detaching from reality's tight grasp.

she wondered on what to wear to SM"s annual halloween party, maybe Georgie from IT? or cinderella? raincoat siblings? she pondered on whether water was wet, how pretty hyung's smile was-


she glowed at the mere thought of his name. how the one syllable rolled out of her tongue, his gentle caresses and warm, long calloused fingers.

his glimmering orbs that held the universe, gleaming greater than the ivory moon. it was as if he was the sun, and everyone and everything orbited around him. his long doe shaped eyes glimmered in the pale hue of the iridescent opal moon, how they crescented when he shot out his bouts of heart melting laughs, and how his pretty, sapient pupils gazed at her with such care and attention whenever she spoke, his attention completely showered upon her.

his deep rumbling voice echoed in her, basking in her presence like a warm midsummer afternoon. how sweet his simpers must be, with such a saccharine voice. and his warm personality, his childish whims and humorous jokes made her bubble with laughter, his teasing tone and playful, childlike personality cut through her adult shell, cooing out the soft child that laid dormant in her. he performed incredibly well as a soft bundle of whimsical dreams and honey coated giggles, yet he executed warm embraces and heartwarming advices exasperatedly well. he had realistic dreams and goals, wished to start a family of some sort by 30. he was a dreamer yes, but, he reached for the stars with his feet firmly on he ground. he was one of a kind. she admired his unadulterated chivalry and his soothing voice.

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