first meet

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Deku:As I was walking throw the entrance of UA I start to feel uneasy and nervous cause all the people around me.What if they know I'm a villain.Sweat began to fall from my temple.thats till i heard a voice throw my small chip that was in my ear.

Bakugou:"Deku u damn nerd keep move or I'll kick ur ass!!! and anit none of these bitches know who we are".

Shoto:"Why do you have to yell".

Denki:"Jeez Bakugou anit gotta be so mean".

Kirishima:"Midoriya I see a hot chick heading ur way act quick".

Shoto:"Jeez u guys talk to much".

Deku: I look at the corner of my eye to see a girl with round face and neck leanth brown hair.Next thing I new I nearly tripped but before I did I was floating???. I look up to see that girl.

uraraka:"Are u ok?"

Deku:"Oh yea thanks"

Uraraka:"U should be careful next time or you'll get hurt.The name Uraraka bye!".

Deku: Uraraka huh her ability must make things float. I said as I write it down on my notebook.The thing is how much weight can she lift and what will happen if she pushes past her limits.

Denki:"Yea Deku be careful".

Kirishima:"come on Deku get to class even the chick u meet is already here.".

Deku:"oh shoot". I quickly run to class
once I was there I Class-1A be ready. I open the door to see my classmates and villain friends.

Uraraka: I saw that boy who i bump into a while ago."Hey you!". I said as I walk over to him.he look at me.

A lot of time skipped to the end of the day.

The girls

Mina:"I know we all just meet but do you have an interest in anyone.".


jirou:"What are u talking about".


Mina:"Well I do".


Mina:"It's kirishima he so handsome!".

The boys

Denki:"So Deku u got some information in our classmates".

Deku:"Well some".



Deku:" Mina's Quirk allows her to shoot out a corrosive liquid from within her body and can control the degree of solubility, as well as its viscosity. She can use it offensively but has shown utility as well such as melting handholds for herself to climb with. She is also known to secrete the acid from her feet in order to slide around.

Momo's Quirk gives her the ability to create any non-living material from her exposed skin through the molecular manipulation of her fat cells. As long as she has an understanding of how something is made, she can create it. However, it takes her a longer period of time (and more of her skin is exposed) to create large objects. the more she eats, the more material she has to work with, so she needs considerable ingestion of food for her Quirk to be effective.

Ochaco's Quirk gives her the power to manipulate gravity, such as making objects weightless or making objects float upon touching them. She also is able to cancel the effects of her Quirk by closing her fingers together. A drawback to this Quirk that if it is used too much (around three tons) or if she makes herself float, she will suffer from nausea and possibly vomit.

Kyoka's Quirk allows her to plug the jacks that hang from her earlobes into all sorts of things and channel the sound of her heartbeat into them; the vibrations cause havoc inside the plugged objects. Her quirk also allows her to hear very well. . Kyoka can use her earphone jacks to catch sounds, giving her the ability to hear across even extremely thick walls. She can use them like whips in combat; stretching up to 6 meters and the sound radius is approximately 12 meters. Kyoka can use her jacks as extremely long-range whips, having enough strength to shatter huge rocks.

Tsuyu's Quirk allows her to do anything a frog can do such as: hopping long distances; jumping; sticking to walls extending her tongue, which can lift an entire person's body to a maximum of 20 meters; ejecting/washing her stomach and secreting toxic sticky liquid, and camouflage. However, when she is in cold environments for too long, she is unable to use her quirk.

Toru's Quirk turns her body completely invisible. It is unknown if it is permanently active or can be activated and deactivated at will,and stay invisible while unconscious or asleep.

Tenya's Quirk manifests in the form of engines in his calves, giving him super speed. His engines have multiple gears, allowing him to switch between at least First, Second, or Third Gear (more are implied) depending on the situation. Much like a real engine, his Quirk requires that the exhaust pipes on the back of his legs remain clear of obstructions in order to function properly.

Deku:"The other I need at bit more information on".

Denki:"how do you know some of this stuff we didn't even...."

Deku:"If u think about it u can plan it out".

The 4 enter their hide out dropping their bags on the floor.

Denki:"Finally". I said as I drop my self on the seat that is near our meeting table. So do the others.

AFO:"Did u get some information?".

Deku:"Yea I did". I said as I slide my notebook across the table to AFO. He reads the information.Then nods.

Dabi:"So how did it go?". I said as I walk in with my hands in pockets.with toga taging along d

Toga:"Hey guys".

As the 7 continue to chat they heard the door open to their hide out.They all stood up but the they all came down when the saw it was one of their own Kira Dabi's so called girlfriend.her ability is black cherry blossoms.


Kira:"Hey guys I heard that y'all went to school".


Kira:"DABI-KUN!!!". I said as I jump on him.

Dabi:"Get off of me".

Kira:"That not something you say to ur girlfriend u haven't seen in a while".

Dabi:"Ur not my girlfriend".

Kira:"Ur mean"

Kira:"Ur mean"

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