mission 11 the war has began

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Denki:I new it I should have killed her before.

Lyida:I new something was up ever since the beginning.

Denki:"What do you want us to do Dabi?"

Dabi:"I don't know she seems to have a group of people under some type of spell".

Kirishima:"What how?"

Dabi:"I don't know but I have a feeling that it's coming from that bitch over there on the roof"(lyida's mom)

Kira:"Yeah but that doesn't answer the question what are we gonna do?"

Dabi: "Damn it then we have to kill her first"

Toga:"But how we have to get through the flock of people first and Lyida who has super speed,super strength,super sight and super hearing.im pretty sure she hread everything we said right now!".

Lyida:"Oh yes I can.And now my beloved army of brainwashed fools kill ever last human beings you see starting with them". I said pointing forward.

Toga:"What are we gonna do?"

Bakugou:"What do you mean why can't we just slaughter them all!". I said as kirishima and I run forward "Come at me!!!". I said as I send a explosion their way.

Dabi:"Bakugou we can't just charge in with out a plan!.Aw u know what fuck it.Toga, Kira, shoto, Denki, Deku, Kurogiri,tomura let's kill these guys!".

Lyida:I watch as the team run forward. And they whiped out half my army.They think it the end I have billions of more slaves . this is not even half.

Denki:After finishing off a few of these brainwashed fags I look up at Lyida as she was watching from her balcony.She looks at me and smirked as she walk inside her room.I quickly ran towards the entrance of the house .I look up ." Great all these stairs it's gonna take me a while".

Dabi:I saw Denki enter the house.I don't want him in there alone."Kira!"


Dabi: "Go with Denki he just went inside the  house!"

Kira:"right".I said running to the house.I shouldn't be out here what if something happens to the baby.I still need to tell Dabi and the others.Should I wait till signs start to show. OK this is not important right now Denki is!.I bust throw the door. "All these stairs.....man I'm not about to do all of this cherry blossom wings!". (I know the name sucks).

Dabi:I watch as Kira enters the house .
This is gonna take a while and the pro heros Is gonna show up.We need to make this quick.

Bakugou:Thses guys they just keep coming.I look up at the roof maybe I can get up there somehow..... wait.I got it.I put both hands to my sides .They began to spark then next thing I new I was zooming towards the roof.I was on the roof I glare at the women.I was about to explode her into bits till another brainwashed idiot came on the roof and kick me off.shit shit shit shit I'm falling!.

Deku:"Bakugou!". I said as I activate my quirk and quickly sprint and caught Bakugou. I place him on the ground but he looks away." I aspect a thank you ".

Bakugou:"Thank you my ass! And I told you u can call me kacchan".

Deku:"oh yea but we really need to finish these guys off".

Denki:I finally made it upstairs and there stood Lyida.She trun around.

Lyida:"Denki ur finally here I was  waiting for you".

Denki:"Shut up".

Lyida:"What would you do if I don't punish me like you did before*giggles*~~~".

Denki:"tch shut up!".I said as i ran towards her as one of my arms bolting with lighting.

Kira:I enter the room i saw Denki entered.Should I help him or should I go after that boss lady on the roof."Denki are alright do you need my help!".

Denki:"No this is my fight u can go take care of Lyida's mom!".

Kira:"right " . I said run out the room

Denki:"Now it just me and you...... Bitch".

Ok im done

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