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Demonian:I woke up when I felt the sun hit my face.My body feels sore from the day before.I get off the bed and headed to the door.Walking out the room.There was a long hallway,As I was walking I heard a door open to which someone bumped into me causeing them to fall to the floor."Oya?".I look down to see a small girl with sliver hair and pale white skin.

Silvia:"Ow.Im sorry".I said as I look up to see that boy from the fight.The one who hurt me.

Demonian:"Oh it you.Its alright".I said as I held out my hand.She looks at it then takes it.

Silvia:"Thank you".I whispered

Demonian:"Were was u heading?"

Silvia:"downstairs to the meeting room"

Demonian:"I guess I'm heading there to."

Silvia:It was a awkward silence.

Demonian:I look down at the girl.To notice a large mark on her neck.I run my across it.Causing her to flinch.



Silvia:"it's alright"

Demonian:"Uhh look I'm sorry for what I did"

Silvia:"It's ok,I feel better now than before"

Demonian:"Alright then"

Silvia:"If u don't mind me asking what's your name?"I ask while I look up at him.

Demonian:"Oh it's Demonian,But if that a handful for you,you can call me something else"

Silvia:"hmm how bout Demon-chan"

Demonian:"Sure if that what you want"

Silvia:"Silvia by the way"


Silvia:We finally made it to the meeting room to see that every one was already there.

Toga:"Finally awake Demon-Chan u sure sleep for a long time".

Ray:"Took you long enough Silvia"

Silvia:"Sorry".I said as I take my to Demonian

Demonian:"Yea Yea whatever Toga"

Tomura:"Since we are all here.lest talk"


Ray:"Wait were is Ron"

Ron:"Im here sorry.I was checking up on Silvia but she wasn't there".

Silvia:"Oh I walk with Demon-Chan instead sorry"


Demonian:"That me"


Demonian:"By the way where are the those little brats?."

Kira:"They went to school"

Demonian:"Oh Anyway im going out I'll be right back"

Kira:"Where are u going?"

Demonian:"Out".I said grabbing my jacket heading out

Silvia:I look at Zengisou-sama with a look. Realizing what I meant he nods his head.I runout the room.

Demonian:As I was leaving the base I heard fast footsteps behind me.i trun around to see Silvia."Oya what are you doing here?"

Silvia:"I wanted to come with you there were talking about boring stuff in there"

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