new girl

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Ai:This is the first day of a new school I hope I get a long with the students in my class. I walk down stairs ."Bye mom bye dad see u later Ava."I said as I run out the door.i can't wait to see my new classmates!.

At the hide out

Deku:I don't wanna go to school today it's lame!.





Dabi:I woke up with my daily alarm......Kira sit on me with a big smile on her face."What do u want?".

Kira:"Good morning to u to.but lefts have fun when the kids are gone".

Dabi:"What do u mean?".

Kira:"U know what I mean".

Dabi:"hell no".

Kira:"itll be fun".

Dabi:"I'll think about it"

Entrance of the school

Kirishima:"Oh today is the when we meet the new girl!".

Denki:"Ur right".

Bell rings in class.

Ai:"Oh no im late for class". I said as I run down the hall.Till I was it Class 1a . I open the door and everyone look at me."S-sorry I'm late". I said as I walk into the room.After stating my name and ability. I sat down next to this a boy with green hair name Midoriya he's kinda cute.

Deku:I watch as the new girl sat next to me.After a while I noticed her staring at me."Uh are u gonna stop look at me?".

Ai:"Huh I'm sorry!".

Ok bye guys I'm not in the mood of writing

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