mission 10

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At the base

Deku:"Yall my mom found out"

Dabi:"What do ya mean?"

Deku:"That Im a villain"


Deku:"Yea soooo what do I do now?".

Dabi:"Kill her you idiot!"

Deku:"Like when?".


Deku:"ok im out tell the Toga were im at"I said running out the base over to my house.

Dabi:"Such a idiot".

Kira:"Dabi!!!!!!!!!!!''.i said running down the stairs and lept into Dabi's arms."I miss you so much".

Dabi:"But I was here the whole time".

Kira:"I know"

Dabi:"So what do you want?"

Kira:"hmmm nothing but to cuddle with you on the couch"


To Deku

Deku: Finally made it to my house.Knocked on the door.

Inko:I heard the knock on the door.i quickly open the door."Thank you police you.....". I gasp when it was not the police but my son well so-called son.

Deku:"So you called the police when I pacificly told you not to wow mother".I say closing the door behind me . I took out the a knife that I had on me.My mom back away .

Inko:" im sorry plz give me a chance".

Deku:"No". I said as I punch her in the head making her hit the floor hard causing her to go unconscious."ok let me do this".
I pick up her phone to see how long ago she called the police which wasn't to long ago so I still have time to do what I need to do . I tie her up on a chair also splashing cold water on her causing her to wake up."Your finally awake".

Inko:"What are you gonna do?"

Deku:"kill you of course". I said as I play with my knife.

Inko:"plz don't"

Deku:"Man let's get this over with". I think I should set the house on fire. I go looking for the  acid as I spread it around the house and on my mother she began to cry begging me to stop.I step out then dropped the lighter.I  heard mother scream and watch as the house began to burn I heard the police sirens and made a run for it.

Police:"someone call the firefighters so they can put this fire out!!!.

All the neighborhood was standing outside looking.

To the base

Kira:"I enjoy cuddling with you Dabi". I said as I kiss him on his cheek.He scoffed and look away.

Toga:I walk downstairs to see Dabi and Kira cuddling up with each other."Have "any of u seen Deku?".

Dabi:"Yea he has some business to attend to".

Toga:"Oh he way gone for a long time."

Kira:"why u worried"

Toga:"Yea that my murder buddy"

Soon the front door open showing Deku.

Deku:"I did it!!"

Dabi:"Hm ok"

Toga:"Did what?"

Deku:"My mom found out I was evil and I had to kill her. I set the house on fire!"

Dabi:"Why would you do that in such a small town with many people could see you u could have just stabbed her something ur such a idiot!!".

Deku:"I didn't think of that"

Kira:"Don't yell at him he made a mistake ". I said as I kiss his chin

Toga:"Yea don't yell at him". I said hug him as he pouts.

Dabi:"Just wait till boss get up".

Kira:"Whenever that is"

Im know this chapter was lame I was just so tired of school

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