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U know what i completely forgot about .The death of Inko.I might do a funeral.And yes this is a chapter

And yes this is a chapter

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««Basic Information»»

First Name



Meaning of Name

- relating to, or worthy of an evil spirit

Last Name

- unknown

Meaning of Name




Hero/Villain Name

-Destroyer of peace[he'll get that name later on in the story]

Personaily;Demonian is a charismatic, cocky, manipulative, brutal, and ferocious man with a sarcastic, inappropriate sense of humor. Yet is a brilliant strategist.
He also has no respect to those he views as being weak. Demonian is also extremely ruthless. Demonian is also a cold-blooded killer who kills not just for survival, but to send a message or even punishment. Despite his savage traits, Demonian genuinely cares about his friends and will go to great lengths to protect them.

Gender & Age



Hair & Eye Color

- black


Body Type & Blood Type

- tall medium build


\Represents who they are/

Sexualty & Status

- Straight


Height & Weight





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