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Deku:Its been a while since me and my villain friends got use to the classmates.And we found a few that we find interesting.That is only if they accept but if they don't it will not be good for them.

Mina:I can't get my eyes off kirishima.Hes so manly and....and...and *sigh*.

Momo:I'm trying my best to focus on school but can't shoto on my mind.

Uraraka:I have a crush and yes it a green headed freckled face boy.

Jirou:I have to admit that I like that good for nothing idiot Denki I couldn't help it.

Kirishima:"If u had to choose a girl in here would u choose starting with u shoto".

Shoto:"hm?". I scanned the room."None".

Denki:"Same here".

Deku:"not really".


Kirishima:"Hmmmmm meh".

Momo:It's not like I had a chance

Mina:What dose that mean?.

Jirou:Not like I care

Uraraka:I should have known.

Mr.Aizawa:"Everyone aspect a new student tomorrow now ur dismissed".

Denki:"New student huh?".

Deku:"I like the sound of that".




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