mission 8 talk to me

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This story is mainly about Dabi and Kira cause writing about love always make me feel better

Deku: Spring break is almost over and we need to finish this mission before that.Cause boss over here talking about "if you don't finish this mission before spring break is over ur going be punished".Boy if u don't get ur ugly no face looking head ass out of here.

In the meantime

Kira:It been days since me Dabi did it and I haven't told him or anyone I press my face on both my hands."What am I gonna do?"

Dabi:"What the matter with you?".

Kira: I shot my head up to see Dabi."Nothing!"

Dabi:"Don't lie to me "

Kira:"I'm not"


Kira: I walk up to him giving him a big hug."Everything is ok...ok".




Kira:"Say something!"

Dabi:"Fine but let's go for a walk since it's dark outside no one will see us".

Kira:"Hmm sure let's go"

Dabi:I know she hiding something

To the walk

Kira:"So what did you wanna talk about?"

Dabi:"Nothing just wanna go for a walk".


Dabi:"are you sure there nothing to tell me"


Dabi:I was pissed I grabbed Kira buy her wrist and pull her into a ally.Pinning her up against the wall."Listen I know ur hiding something from me hell can't u just tell me"

Kira:"There nothing u idiot why can u just believe me!"

Dabi:"I don't know u haven't been acting like ur self"

Kira:"What do u mean!?"

Dabi:"you never wake me up in the mornings anymore and u don't jump on me to give me a kiss or hugs and other things like that".I said as a blush covered my face.

Kira:"Awww Dabi u miss my hugs and kisses don't u I new u like them!". I said with a smile

Dabi:"I didn't mean it like that!".

Kira:"What other way is there to describe is!"

Dabi:"Why are we yelling!?"

Kira:"I don't know!".And with that we both started laughing.Dabi rest his head on my mine.We both close our eyes and smiled.

Dabi:"I'm sorry for what I said"

Kira:"It's ok"

Dabi:Soon we were interrupted by a unfamiliar voice.We both look up to see a girl who look like she in her teens literally shaking in fear.Due to the fact she is standing 2 feet way from a criminal.

Girl:What should I do make a run for it yeah that right . I quickly as possible ran.

Kira:"We should chase her down before she say anything!". I said as I take off with Dabi not to far behind.

Girl:Geez I new I should have stayed home OMG what am I gonna do . I look back to see the two criminals  not to far  behind well I never seen the girl before.

Kira:"Black blossom bullets!"(I know it sucks right) I said as a bunch of black bullets scattered aiming for the girl.But she take a quick trun in a corner."Damn it!"
Once Dabi and I trun the corner there stood the girl against a wall.

Dabi:"Deadend huh"

Girl:"Plz don't kill me I won't say anything I promise!!"


Kira:"Oi Dabi we should try that new  technique we were working on"!.


Kira:I walk closer to Dabi till we were only a few inches away from me .We both put out one of our  hands aiming for the girl .We both say at the same time:"Chandraneel speeding crossbow" (mean blue and black but I know it sucks)

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