Russia 2/Tricked

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Kira;"We'er gonna be slip in a group of two's"

Toga & Blossom (kira)

Tomura & Dabi

Zengisou & Ray

Xiaomi & Ron

Crimson fist & Atomic Bomber

Deathbolt & Mocking Phantom

Frost Flames & Deku

Demonian & Silvia

Denki:"Huh?!Why am i with him?!"

Neito:"Shud up Deathbolt *snicker*"

Denki:"Mocking phantom."

Kira:"Shut up both of you.When we are done we meet right back here".

"Right!".And with that the pairs went of.

Demonian:I speak into the chip in my ear."Me and Silvia got the main entrance".

Dabi:"Alright me and Tomura got the back"

Zengisou:"Me and Ray are already inside.What now?"

Kira:"Im pretty sure the guards.Should be coming anytime soon"

Zengisou:"Speaking of the devil's.We have company".

Demonian:Me and Silvia are standing in the front entrance.With 25 guards . Pointing guns at us.

Guard1:"Back away now or we shoot"

Demonian:"Look all i need is get something and go.So it would be better if you'd move out the way"

Guard1:"I said we'll shoot you have 3 seconds. 1".

Demonian:"It will be better if you back away"


Guard1:"3 fire!"

Shots have been fired.


Guard3:"Why where.....gah!!".I felt something pierce throw me.

Guard1:In a blink of a eye they were all gone.Dead.

Demonian:"Now now".I said walking towards the male on the floor."All you had to do was move the fuck out of my way.But now your done for".I said as i pierce my sword through the mans chest."Oi Silvia we need to move now".I said running inside.

Silvia:"Right".Running after him.

Demonian:I talk into the chip."We'er in."

Kira:"Right.Just be careful"

Demonian:"Yea yea whatever".

To Deathbolt & Mocking Phantom

Denki:Me and Neito are inside the building.Just as we got in a alarm went off."Shit lets hurry up".


Denki:Just then guards came.With guns

Guard:"Stop right there"

Denki:"I got this.Lighting scatter shot!"

Netio:In a blink of in eye they were gone."Lest go!".

To Dabi and Tomura

Dabi:"How u holding up Hand face"

Tomura:"Just fine".I said as i finished the last of the guards.

Dabi:"Alright then".I talk into the chip."Oi kira were at the bottom floor.Whats next?".

Kira:"Dont do anything yet me and Toga will be heading there right now ."

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