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Uchihaby [•ERROR•]
The war was won. Fuck yeah, things are good right? Wrong. Yep, the war is won. Not without casualties. Or, A casualty. Sasuke Uchiha, that's right. Sasuke fucking Uchiha...
Izuku The Water Dragon Hero (Reincarnation Of Tobirama) by NezutheRatGod
Izuku The Water Dragon Hero ( NezutheRatGod
As Tobirama closed his eyes ready to finally rest in the after life with his family, he was instead brought back to life in the far future and was reincarnated. He open...
A Dragon's Saving Love by Kirisakiyuu
A Dragon's Saving Loveby Kirisaki Jack
Starts from after season 5 and around chapter 310 (basically when he was rogue for a bit) with things changed around a bit. Also, Uraraka does NOT love Izuku but simply...
Dad For One by DramaKelly
Dad For Oneby Kelly
What if Hisashi Midoriya is All For One? What if he was actually a decent dad? What if he gave up crime in order to protect the family he loves so much? And what if A...
Impossible Redemption (MHA) by SnowflakeTheTherian
Impossible Redemption (MHA)by Snowflake
All For One, the worst Villain in the history of the entire world. He had killed countless, and destroyed most of Japan during the dark ages of Quirks. Imagine his surpr...
The Vigilante Bartender Trainee by Passing_Ghost_Friend
The Vigilante Bartender Traineeby Passing_Ghost_Friend
Kurogiri finds Izuku after he gets beaten up by Bakugo and takes him back to the bar to take care of his wounds. But after a horrible accident, Kurogiri becomes more tha...
The Blade, The Villain. (MHA x MCYT) by JulesRedenger
The Blade, The Villain. (MHA x JulesRedenger
What if instead of a bell Dream manages to wish for a way out of the prison? What if that way out was a portal leading to a new dimension full of heroes and villains? Wh...
♤Their real mother♤ by Izuku_Iz_Queen
♤Their real mother♤by -Izuku_Iz_Queen-
So basically this takes place at the training camp and a lot of stuff happens I just hoped you are prepared
Villainous (Villain Deku Rewrite) (Very Slow Updates) by Avacomix
Villainous (Villain Deku Rewrite) Avocado
This is, yet again, a rewrite of my Villain Deku story. I wasn't in the mindset to properly work on the other two, so I'm hoping to stick with this one, so lets see how...
Gone Boy (Short Story) by Errow77
Gone Boy (Short Story)by Errow77
Izuku had taken it badly. He was right back where he started: quirkless. Who knew taking a bullet for someone would be so detrimental. Warning: slight gore and dark the...
The Quirk Taking Hero, Deku! (A my hero what if) by thefnafreader
The Quirk Taking Hero, Deku! (A ThatOneGuyMakesMusic
In this tale, we find young Izuku gain All for One mysteriously. Well, at least to him and everyone else. What will Izuku have to go through in a world where quirks are...
The True Son of All for One (Villain deku story) by Half___Soul
The True Son of All for One ( Half___Soul
"what's wrong Kacchan? Are you surprised? We both knew this was gonna happen." "What the hell deku?! THAT WAS YOUR MOTHER?!?!" "She was in the w...
His Family by L4dy_Seraphina
His Familyby L4dy_Seraphina
He glared at the rat(?) across the table, completely ignoring the other hero's in the room. He wasn't entirely sure why he was called here but he had an idea and he was...
Dark Side || BNHA x Death Note || Villain Reader by PineappleApplepin
Dark Side || BNHA x Death Note || Qween Momoyao
Y/n L/n, more commonly known as Shinigami, the notorious wark web assassin and con-for-hire with a terrifying quirk, was asked on a martyr operation to spy at UA high as...
𝐌𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠? by Vizixii
𝐌𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠?by Vivi
[Uncompleted/ongoing] •──────────• During mission Eri they discover another child in the facility. A lab experiment, it seemed. The heroes wanted to them help him and gi...
truth only hurts when you want to believe a lie by gotthatbrainrot
truth only hurts when you want beans
"You weren't there when I needed a hero...when I needed you." "I...I'm so-" "It's too late for sorry. I'm the way I am now because of you."...
Spider-man: An Illegal Hero by KarmaSpidr
Spider-man: An Illegal Heroby KarmaSpidr
The multiverse is nothing new to our friendly neighbourhood Spider-man. 8 months into his hero carrier he had to team up with an army of Spider powered people. But their...
Another World [ an HxH x BNHA crossover ] by vanikigai
Another World [ an HxH x BNHA van.
Killua Zoldyck was wandering around after reluctantly dropping Alluka off at Gon's place, to "take a break from everything", as the green haired hunter says. L...
Memory Of The Dawn (MHA) by SnowflakeTheTherian
Memory Of The Dawn (MHA)by Snowflake
Shigaraki Yoichi, white hair and green eyes and the little brother of All For One....Midoriya Izuku, also white hair and green eyes, the quirkless boy with big dreams to...
DFO week 2020 by Cheese490
DFO week 2020by ㄥƐ0⇂1
Dad For One week 2020! From 30th Nov ~ 6th Dec. Day 1: Autumn leaves/ Warm drinks Day 2: Baking Treats Day 3: Presents Day 4: Trick or Treat Day 5: Costume Party/ Haunte...