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Deku: The Villain of Hope by MathGeekT125
Deku: The Villain of Hopeby Tyler
I own nothing. This is a new story about what would happen if Izuku Midoriya ran away from home but the League of Villains found him. The cover was made for me by SuperS...
BNHA reacts to Deku 🥦😤 by lance_space_mommy
BNHA reacts to Deku 🥦😤by Sandy Syd
Uhm- basically Class 1-A, 1-B, the teachers, All Might, and some villains react to deku being thrown into multiple situations through a television in a magical theater
~BNHA~ Slight!Todoroki x Fem!reader{BOOK 1} by BNHA_fan
~BNHA~ Slight!Todoroki x Fem! Me
L/n Y/n is a girl who wants to be a hero badly, but something is stoping her and won't allow her, she then gets a chance to become one of the best heroes out there, and...
Everything's A Lie (Villain Izuku)  by Zekket
Everything's A Lie (Villain Izuku) by Zekket
Hearing you can't become a hero because you're quirkless is enough to break a person, but when the person you admire The most says The same thing, it's way different. Al...
Trust (Bakugo x Reader) by JustStranger3
Trust (Bakugo x Reader)by huami127
You were born as the daughter of the most notorious villain of all time; All For One. You were told to be an undercover in a prestigious hero school named UA. You were d...
Boku No Hero Academia Parent Scenarios by Jewleya
Boku No Hero Academia Parent Jewleya
Boku No Hero Academia Parent Scenarios ❤ This a book filled with Boku No Hero Academia Scenarios and reactions. Includes: All Might, Aizawa, Midnight, Nezu, Present Mic...
Immortal Deku by Dark_Forest321
Immortal Dekuby Jonathan
Disclaimer: I do not in anyway shape or form own the rights to My Hero Academia (obviously) Basically Izuku was one of the first to get a quirk in the twenty-first centu...
A Quirk Through Time/Villain Izuku AU by KainXander
A Quirk Through Time/Villain Kain Xander
All Might finds a way to save Shigaraki but loses Izuku. Traveling through time always has a price but no one knows how much it will cost until it's too late.
A Disappointment (Villain Deku) by FARIS_00
A Disappointment (Villain Deku)by •F A R I S•
Toshinori yagi and Inko midoriya were secretly a pro hero and a parents to a twin of a boy and a girl named izuku and izumi yagi .They both admires and love heroes and...
Immortal Soldier by ZyAyoma
Immortal Soldierby Zy Ayoma
Y/n was cursed with Immortality within his quirk, He quit being a hero of war after world war 2. He wanted to live a normal live so he got him self a coffee shop but he...
Just A Tool  Bnha x Child Reader Story by Yuki101lin
Just A Tool Bnha x Child Reader ♡Yuki-chan♡
This is my first fanficition story so please don't judge. I tried my best it's probably horrible but I hope you enjoy it. I don't own Bnha characters they belong to thei...
Night Villain [bnhaxvillain] by bakao_yu
Night Villain [bnhaxvillain]by aoshin
Aomi Yū is a villain only at night but currently, she stuck at UA for some reason. Shigaraki ask her to remain there and keep an eye on the wannabe hero. Will Yū manage...
My hero academia oneshots! by PoseyRoseyDude
My hero academia oneshots!by Posey
This is terrible why do you read this???? I litterly got a offer from web novels for a contact wtf. I didnt know that was a thing. There are better fanficiton sites you...
Tomura Shigaraki's daughter by Lillith_Lily_15
Tomura Shigaraki's daughterby Lillith/Lily (The Ultimate Be...
(Disclaimer: I do not own BNHA! There will be swearing, blood/gory things, suicidal thoughts and actions! oocness. ) Your name is Asami Shimura. Your fake name is Kana S...
Blood & Tears. by Dragonx55
Blood & Dragonx55
After his mother got killed by a hero, his dad became abusive and his childhood 'friend' became much more violent. Even through all this, he still loved his dad and care...
Class 1-A Chat of Craziness by WiseGirl287
Class 1-A Chat of Crazinessby Rainne
Deku makes a group chat. Things eventually get out of control, but what do you expect? It is class 1-A after all. Contains a lot of swearing Ships: Todobakudeku ...
Darkside by Sesake
Darksideby Sesake
After being told that he couldn't be a hero by everyone and then finally his idol, Izuku walked away in a daze, ending up at the scene of a rampaging villain and proved...
Dekuverse (Edited)  by EraserMicIsCannon
Dekuverse (Edited) by EraserMicIsCannon
Just like the title says.... All of this crap will be that... . If your interested about my ideas, then you can get it... I don't mind. But please mention me so I can...
All Mights Daughter. Children of the top Heros  by hahaimheretoo
All Mights Daughter. Children of mhahaikyuufan
(yn) isn't known by many. Her father kept her a secret from the world for her protection. Protection from the good and bad people around. (yn) is very understanding to c...
The Legendary Hero (OP Deku AU) (BACK FROM HIATUS) by dekus_right_nipple
The Legendary Hero (OP Deku AU) ( dekus_right_nipple
Izuku Midoriya is not quirkless, not even close. He actually is in possession of two quirks, and is one of the most promising of UA's students. He is joined by his child...