Mission 2

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Lydia:It's so lame I should call Denki. I enter the the number.

Denki:As we were just about to leave my phone rang I look to see Lydia."Hello".

Lydia:"Oiiiiiiii Denki-san!!!!"

Denki:" sure and why are u yelling"

Lydia:"How bout we go the mall!"


Lydia:"it ok if u don't want to".

Denki:"Fine I'll go".


Denki"See ya there".


Denki:"Okay see u guys."

At mall

Lydia: Me and denki  are walking around the mall till we saw some of his friends.

Jirou:As me and the girls were walking around the mall we saw Denki and some other girl. I call out to them."Denki hey!".

Denki:I trund around the sound of my name to jirou and the other girls."Oh hey".

Jirou:"So who she?".

Denki:"oh so this is Lydia evergreen we meet not to long a go".

Jirou:"oh so y'all just meet so nothing special going on?".shoot why'd I ask that


Lydia: I wish.

Jirou:"oh but anyway we should..."

Lydia:"Denki and I are supposed to be going now BYYYEEE". I said as I pulled him away.

Jirou:"By denki". I whisper to my self

Denki:"Ok Lydia don't pull me so hard were are we even going?"

Lydia:"U don't mind staying at my place?".



Denki:"fine". I said as I take out my phone and dail Kirishima number."um Lydia I'll be back".

Kirishima: I heard my phone vibrate I look to see denki I answered."Hey there light bolt!".

Denki:"hey tail-red".

Kirishima:"I don't even have a anything close to a tail u watch to much of that anime"

Denki:"so it a good anime but anyway I might not come to the hide out tonight cause...."

Kirishima:"Wait my are u dieing? I new it I new u were going to die  virgin!"

Denki:"This nigga dumb no I am staying over Lydia's house!".

Kirishima:"oh I see u now u might not die virgin".

Denki:"Shut up and just tell the others".

Kirishima:"Fine virgin head ass". *Hangs up phone*

denki:"Idiots". I said as I walk over to Lydia.

Lydia:"let's go". I said as my limo stop in front of us we enter and now on our way to the house.

Ok guys that all I have I might not write for a while cause I have TIP project I try thow byyyyyy

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