mission 6

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Dabi:"Anyone seen Kira??".


Dabi:"What up with you lighting rod?"

Denki:"I just found out that Lydia and her family has been kill homeless people for some reason."

Dabi:"No wonder".

Kirishima:"No wonder what?"


Deku:"Like what?".I said as i look up at him

Toga:"yea like what?!"I said as I bounced up and down on Deku's lap.

Deku:"Don't bounce so hard"

Dabi:"it's nothing". I said as I walk away

Shoto:"So do we have a plan about Lydia?"

Bakugou:"Kill them"

Toga:"Wonderful idea!!!! "


Dabi came back and sat down next to denki

Deku:"just kill them"

Denki:"Why should we"

Kirishima:"Don't tell me u have a crush?"

Denki:"on Lydia hell no"

The two front doors opened up showing Kira.

Denki:"Were u be?"

Kira:"um".I said softly while tugging at my sleeve.

Toga:I get off of the couch and walk over to Kira I pulled her way upstairs .

Kira:As toga pulled me away I avoided eye contact with Dabi. Toga takes me to my room.

Toga:"What is wrong?"

Kira:"What do you mean?"

Toga:"U were go for a half a day"


Toga:"WHAT DO U MEAN "SO" I WAS SCARED TO DEATH!?!??!!!!!!!!".


Toga:"about what!?"


Toga:"and that is?"

Kira:"Fine......I'm......p...p... pregnant and of course it Dabi's"


Kira:"Shush I don't want the other to hear"

Toga:"So is it a girl or boy?"

Kira:" I have no idea"

Toga:"so when are we going to tell the guys?"

Kira:"I don't know I'm scared".

Toga:I gave Kira a hug she hugs me back."it ok I got ur back".

Kira:"I know"

Toga:We walk downstairs while i fill Kira with the information.

Kira:When we made it downstairs I made eye contact with Dabi my face flushed and I look away.

Dabi: I just wanna know what wrong Kira different."Kira"


Dabi:"I need to talk to you outside"

Kira:"O-ok"I walk after Dabi we made it outside."What did you wanna talk about?"

Dabi:"Is there something wrong?"

Kira:"No of course not"

Dabi:"Ur sure"

Kira:"yeah...um....well.... I....."

Dabi:"it ok if ur not ready"

Kira:I walk to Dabi I rap my arms around his neck as he rap his around my hips i kiss on the lips he dose the same .I pull away ."Everything is fine let's go inside"I said as I pull him away.

They enter the building the team had a talk about their next move

Well till next time folks 😘

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