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THIS STORY START OFF AS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.🤣BUT ALL FOR ONE IS HAVING A TALK WITH kirishima, denki,deku, bakugou Dabi,Toga.were gonna call All for one AFO.AFO loves and cares for his students he my not show it thow.

AFO:"As u guys know School and I want you to.......".

Denki:"Gahhh ur talking like ur our dad this is boring!".

Bakugou:"Shut up lighting bolt zolt!".

Denki:"Watch it....".


Deku:"Dame UFO".


Toga:"I don't understand why I can't go with DEKU-KUN!!!".

Dadi:"Cause everyone knows about u".




AFO:"I want u 5 to spy on...."

Denki:"We know spy All might and the other heros get information on our class mates and make them believe that were good guys to earn their trust.Act like we don't know each other to draw less attention to our self and a hole bunch off other stuff".

Toga:"Can we add a new girl in our team to their is no one to talk to!".




Bakugou:"Can we just get out of here and start!!!!!!".

Kirishima:"Why are u yelling!".

Deku:"U guys need shut up so we can get out I wanna go ahead and find someone I dislike and kill them".

Toga:"I wanna do that to"

Denki:"Calm down Deku... even though I wanna burn somebody alive Hahahah!.it way more fun when the I do it to girl they scream and begging you to stop so funny I always cut a small piece of their hair before I burn them Hahahah!!!!".

Bakugou:"What do you mean exploding them is better all their pieces all over the floor!! Ahaha".

Kirishima:"Huh smashing them to bites and ripping their heads off is 10 times better cause u they slowly and painfully u get to hear them it so fun to make the feel all the pain in the world aha!."

Shoto:"Its either burning them or freezing the to death.".

Toga:"Leaving all the people I killed all bleed out that fun".

Dabi:"Just burn them".

AFO:*face palm*.

Kirishima:"I think boss is getting mad so let go and change".


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