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Uraraka:Oh god my date with Medoriya is today in a few hours.Im at the mall trying on out outfits with the girls.Not Ai she to busy.We and the girls want from store to store looking for something i can wear.No luck it was either not my size or not my style."We should split up and look for outfits that we find nice and we will call so we can meet up" .





Uraraka:"Before i do anything i should go to the restroom".As i was walking to the restroom i look to see all the stall were either full or was just gross.So i'll just us the unisex restroom.Since the mall restroom is large the unisex restrooms had their own space all the way done the hall.There was only one available.I came to notice that the door was slightly opened.I heard noises it sounds like a girl.

Uhh ok this is a sex seen(kinda i guess) i hate writing these it makes uncomfortable but here it gos.(Still Uraraka pov)

Uraraka:The girl was up against the wall,With a male pinning her hands above her head with one of his.He was sucking her neck.while his other hand grope one of her breast.She had tears in her eyes.She wanted him to stop.And this guy looks oddly familiar.

Girl;"p-plz stop i dont want this".

Demonian:"Hmm why not judging by ur face u seem to like it.Not to mention whats leaking down ur legs".I said as i unclip her bra.I began to grope both her breast in her shirt.while sliding my tongue into her mouth.

Girl:"Ahh~~just*whimper* plz stop".

Demonian:"Jeez calm down".i said as i move to her neck. Lifting up her shirt in the process.Reveling her breasts.I look up at her expression as i took one bud in my mouth.While pushing on of my knees against her clit.She jumps at this.

Girl:"Plz dont do both at the same time ahh~~pl*whimper*pls let me go".

Demonian:"Hmm ur having fun aren't you.How bout i take u somewhere else.Were we can have a little more privatise.I know a perfect place were i can keep u captive.We can have sex every day.I'll fuck you till u can walk.We can do it morning,night,in the shower,after dinner,before condoms intended either.It'll be nice to have a sex toy.Are you into bondage? cause i am.the only thing is that i highly doubt u will survive day three,i also bring u a girl so u wont get lonely a long side that a threesome wont be bad now that im thinking about it.But anyway what do u say hmmm? or i just kill u right now ".I said as my hand began to travel down to her shorts.But i was interrupted.

Girl:What with this guy!?!?

End of sex seen i know it sucked

Uraraka;"S-stop get away from her"

Demonian:"huuuuh???"i said as i looked over my shoulder in a annoying/lazy voice.To see that girl i saw before."oya oya its you"

Uraraka:"you...Get away from her.or i'll call security"

Demonian:In a snap i was up close to her face.I look at her holding my sword close to her neck .my eyes became black and demonic deep voice."oh u don't wanna do that now do you?".

Uraraka:What the hell.i should get out of here.but no i should fight what would Medoriya have done.

Demonian:My voice and eyes go back to normal."But anyway...i suggested u get lot and forget whatever u saw".I said as i walk over to the other girl that i didn't finish with and knocking her out.She falls to the floor.i take of my jacket placing it on her.I trun to the other girl."Move out the way kid dont bother trying to fight i'll kill you".I said as i walk over to her.Grabing her wrist pulling her on me."Dont tell anyone either unless u want ur sweet litte group of gal pals to get hurt or rape ok also leave the girl alone unless u wanna get rape".i said as i let her go walking out the restroom.

Uraraka;i ran out the restroom looking for the girls. Till i saw pink skin ."Mina!"

Mina:"Omg where were you we was searching for u".


Soon the other girls came

Uraraka:I put on a fake smile."Guys did u find anything?"

Momo;"Yea but we couldn't find u so we bought anyway.I said as i pull out the outfit from the bag.

Uraraka:"Its cute now let's go cause i only have a hour left".We left the mall and went straight to my house. Which took 30 minutes.Its was 8:30 right finishing get dressed.Till i heard the door bell ring.I quickly get up.To head downstairs open the door.Showing Medoriya."Hey"

Izuku:"Hi...are u ready to go".

Uraraka:What happened at the mall keets on coming to my head.I feel bad i cant tell anyone.

Izuku;"So were do want to go first?"

Uraraka:"oh uhh maybe dinner".

Izuku:"hopping u would say that im starving".

Uraraka:I couldn't help but laugh.


Izuku:Me and Uraraka were talking about my childhood and embarrassing moments.Its nice to have someone to talk to .We want to so many food place.We want shopping at the mall for things we didn't even need.I look at the time.As we were taking our last walk around the park."I should be heading home now".

Izuku;"Yea im getting kinda tired".We walk to her house.After a few minutes we were at her doorstep.She gives me a kiss on the cheek before walking inside and saying goodnight.Well that was fun.

Izuku;Finally made it to the base.i head upstairs.Went to my room and want straight to sleep.

Oh and so do yall want Bakugo be with toga or with oc or should he be lonely .Plz give a comment cause i don't know what to do😭.

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